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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Raph is gonna be devvoed when he realises his shit prank caused drama

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  2. Shut the fuck up Andrew.

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  3. If Raph tried that shit with me, I would've torched his bed

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  4. Remember Steph putting the shoe in Danniella's bed? "I'll hock a greenie up on her pillow!".
  5. K94


    Does Andrew really think he knows Hannah like that?

  6. Raph is like Hannah's my bezzie, she won't mind LOL. Cut to Hannah switching.
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  7. YAS at Hannah waking the entire house up to share her misery. Queen of pop. Let your boundaries be KNOWN.

  8. Raph's shitting himself! apologizing with his tail between his legs.
  9. That was shite, Good night!
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  10. Nice to see week one Hannah back again.
  11. I could totally relate to Hannah at the end, if it was my bed I would have ripped his bollocks off. But still It would have been in a lighthearted way. I'm not sure why she reacted so angrily especially as in the bed to her right is two spare pillows!

    Once again the lack of Deborah and Raph moments, mixed with the overkill of Ellie. Fucking awful!
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  12. Yeah I'd have been pissed off if I was Hannah too, but knowing it was a close friend I would have laughed it off. Probably kicked him as well, but still been less angry.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Remember Hannah's anxiety?
  15. Catching up on last night.

    I stanned Kieran boring them about the toaster and Hannah blocking him out by singing a lit mash-up of Love Peace and Harmony and I'm Gonna Shit!... (and Sing!).

    Queen of hits.
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  16. The plastic blue mouse incident.

    God this series has been so shite.
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  17. I just met Arthur from this season in Poundland. He was looking at the batteries.

    Not quite as iconic as the time I met Caroline from BB13 in Pret and we bonded over a latte.
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  18. I would have asked him why he left, or if he was removed.

  19. And...
  20. Which explains his infatuation with Elleh.
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