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Celebrity Big Brother / Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Courtney is flying back to Australia with Brady Bear while Andrew stays in Cheshire.

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  2. Happy Valentines Day, CBB thread! Hopefully you’re not like me and spending your day watching this clip in its entirety......

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  3. Andrew's instagram story is so sweet. Firstly, him watching Ru Pauls Drag Race season 6 then going to McDonalds and asking them for vegan food then making vegan pancakes.
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  4. My new favourite thing is watching Shandrew's Insta stories and their intertwining friendship. Shane's adventures of Brady Bear and Andrew's attempts at veganism.


  5. [​IMG]




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  7. At this point. he's one step away from Lisa Appleton's 'candid' paparazzi mishaps.

    I'm ready for that mess.
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  8. I've been following Shandrew since the beginning but I find this current constant back and forth between them pretty nauseating recently. I can't work out when after both have clearly stated it's a friendship why they are still trying to sell us this all conquering love story.

    I think they both understand that they are 'characters' in everyone else's love story and seem to be willingly playing along. However, Courtney has said many a time she fancies Andrew for real, which is not a platonic friendship. Even though she says "I spent my 20s lusting after straight men" I'm struggling to see how this is any different. It's awful lusting after someone and resigning to be their friend because they don't fancy you back. It's not fun for either person.

    They seem to be each taking turns in working up the Shandrew shippers with insta stories to mine the likes. If they are both aware that this is all for show and are going with it then work I guess but it smacks of egotistical bullshit for both parties for the time being.
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  9. Haha just kidding, and I do see your point. I just enjoy them regardless. Courtney is coming back to the UK for some tour dates later this year, right? This is easy press for all the loonies like me who will want to know “Will Andrew be there?!”

    EDIT: Courtney sent Valentine’s flowers to Andrew and I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole once again.
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  10. Of COURSE they're playing it up, but will I like every photo and every Insta story and Snapchat? Absofuckinlutely.
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  11. How was Danielle Lloyd able to afford a Lamborghini?
  12. If anyone can go on Andrew’s Instagram stories @itsandrewbrady and tell me whatever club song is playing on that video, I will be forever grateful.
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  14. Oh. I was..... not prepared for that being the answer hahaha. Thanks!
  15. Is Andrew just gay-baiting us all now, or is there something in all of these innuendos and declarations of love for our Courntey? Or is it one of those postmodern relationships where they don't don't need labels or sex to have love?

    Bearing in mind that he's a relatively business-minded former Apprentice candidate, it would appear that he's aware of the power of the pink pound. That's a cynical view though, and it may just be that he's playing his part in helping society to become more woke.

    Could be all of the above. Any thoughts?
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  16. I think this could be it combined with the fact that he knows every time he posts something Shane or Courtney related he'll get a lot of likes and responses so it must be quite addictive posting stuff to do with the two of them on social media.

    This too.

    EDIT: I also do think they are genuinely good mates too!
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  17. Gillian MCKEEF walked in London fashion week!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Beats examining people's shit that's for sure.
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  18. Fuck. Why does her desperation always make me laugh.
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  19. In that outfit we can practically examine hers.
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  20. Gillian and her daughter are low key icons.
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