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Celebrity Big Brother / Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I think Debbie Dingle was responsible.
  2. This pretty much confirms the show is about to be cancelled
  3. Sigh. It's not like they'd replace it with anything better.
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  4. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it is axed, but part of me thinks they're just saying that to get it at a much cheaper price ddd.
  5. Ok but at least still give us a yearly CBB, then.
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  6. There's a natural end for everything and Big Brother has long outlasted that end. It should probably be axed now.

    But will we Hate Watch in place of it thought?
  7. K94


    I'm honestly fine with one big budget CBB a year. Three is getting tiring and a waste of money.
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  8. Imagine if they asked Claypot Nosejob for Ultimate Big Brother 2.
  9. Ultimate Big Brother was handled so badly I dread to think what a sequel would be like. Pete Burns should have so been a housemate and seemed equally perplexed as I was that he wasn't. I assume they thought he'd turn it down but he did a lot for BOTS at the time. I can get on board with UBB2 if it's handled right. Do both a celeb one aka this lineup.
    and a civilian one with ..
    Jackie Travers
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  10. An Allstars needs to happen if they plan to close it out. Imagine lots of fiery women in there like Kim, Tiffany and the GC. Iconic.
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  11. All Stars wouldn't be complete without the Danniella Westbrook in there with her iconic lines such as 'I'll hawk a greenie up on ya bed', which is a career highlight.
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  12. I'd rather they went back and had the one celeb series in January and a long civilian series in the summer.

    Two celeb series' a year was/is overkill and I suspect is where all the money bloody went!
  13. The civilian one is just kind of redundant now. The "social experiment" has been conducted. Hundreds of times in tons of countries.
    What with all of the other reality TV shows around now, it's just kind of premise-less. It's not really endurance, not really strategy, not really sex... Watching random strangers be uncomfortable is more interesting if they're on a beach/in a forest/stuck on an island or similar.
  14. It wouldn't surprise me if they just do the 2 celebrity series and scrap the civilian one. No one watches the latter anyway.
  15. Oh dear.
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  16. Perched for Courtney arriving to the wedding.
  17. Andrew and Caroline seem like a real mess of a couple but I'm ready for the drama to play out in DailyMail.com over the next 6 months to a year.
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  18. "Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed?"

    *Courtney storms to the front of the church*

  19. Quoting but not liking.

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