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Celebrity Big Brother (US) - Season 2 Cast Revealed

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Coming this winter! Which D-listers should we be looking forward to seeing?
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  2. SCREAM.

    Way to sell it Julie.
  3. I'm perched for a handful of Teen Moms (Farrah, Jenelle, and Jenelle's mom), 2 random athletes from the 90s, a soap star, Pauly D, a former Bachelor, Paris Hilton, and Christina Aguilera to fight for HOH.
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  4. It's going to CBS cast members and YouTubers, don't get your hopes up.
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  5. I hope they get Poppy Montgomery. Realistically, we'll get Joey Graceffa and whatever D-Listers from The CW.. (I'm guessing Michael from Jane the Virgin??)

    Which unrecognizable cast member from NCIS and its variations (I want McGee), Criminal Minds (I want JJ), the CSIs, and whatever shit comedy show will they cast?

  6. CBS wouldn't be dumb enough to cross promote their own stars, lol. Big Brother is a career ruiner and showcases every bit of tragedy of a person.
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  7. Okay but a soap "star" and a CW "star" will definitely be on it.... and probably previous Survivor and Amazing Race contestants.
  8. It'll be a lot Youtubers.

    Also, Nikki was awful on BBCAN, so keep her.
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  9. Maybe, but they'd all have to be former "stars". Filming would coincide.
  10. I can totally see Cheryl Underwood from The Talk doing this.
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  11. I loved Nikki on BBCAN (it was the weakest season / casting of the Canadian BB, though). I'm sure we'll see casting similar to DWTS, but skewing younger.

    My biggest fear is Frankie Grande...
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  12. Eh, Dancing With The Stars is a different beast.

    They just have to be entertaining for like.. an hour a week.
    Since there'll be live feeds, I can them looking into social media stars.
    I can see Trisha Paytas appearing.

    They should let Cardi B in to promo her album ddd.
  13. Oh my God, they need Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Imagine the other ladies dragging her.
  14. The only Nikki I would like to see doing this is Nikki...
    ... BLONSKY.

    Is Kathy Griffin too big for this mess? She would be great too.
  15. If y'all didn't see, it'll be the US version with actual like.. physical competitions & strategy.
    So it won't be like the UK one where they're basically pampered around & do skits.

    That basically takes away a bunch of A-list reality show people aka any Real Housewife who isn't going to deal with that shit.

    It'll probably be:
    - a few former CBS reality show people from Survivor, The Amazing Race
    - a few CBS actors (someone from Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls)
    - one of the ladies from The Talk
    - a former Bachelor or Bachelorette out of their ABC contract
    - some kind of famous athlete or WWE personality
    - a few Youtubers / social media influencers (Tyler Oakley is probably super likely ddd)
    - one or two washed up reality show people from VH1/Oxygen/Bravo

    Liza Koshy would have probably 100% been on if she didn't sign her TRL contract.
    Shane Dawson loves the show, but has body dysmorphia & said his anxiety is too high to be on live feeds.
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  16. 2 Broke Girls is canceled so none of them are really in contract with CBS, though I wouldn't be totally shocked to see Jennifer Coolidge do it maybe? I can't see many young actors with actual careers being willing to do it. I feel like it's going to be a lot more reliant on reality stars and YouTubers, with a few old / washed up actors and some 90s athletes.

    How long does the UK version typically run? Around a month?
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  17. 25-32 days usually. But they have a finale with like 5-6 people.
    This seems to be following the same US format of 2 at the finale.
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  18. I wonder how many houseguests they're going to cast. I assume it will have to be condensed from the typical 16, down to maybe 8 - 10. I can't see it running more for than a month.
  19. If they can't get Kathy Griffin at least cast Margaret Cho then. And someone from Drag Race, please!
    Lisa Rinna already did a thousand of these shows so they can get her on this one too.
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  20. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I said it in the other thread but I really hope Tiffany Pollard makes it. She was hilarious in the UK version. I really hope they don't pull from Survivor/Big Brother/Amazing Race or anything like that.
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