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Celebrity Big Brother (US) - Season 2 Cast Revealed

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. But Oh My God did Sabrina come through serving the drama and hysterics on feeds.

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  2. Now I'm stuck in a Sabrina breakdown hole.

  3. Sabrina is a damn mess. Entertaining tho.
  4. Totally agree. CBS got their money's worth with Omorosa. She stirred up shit and took a major threat out of the house. Regardless of who Marissa took to the final two she was going to win with that jury. Ross played a great game and should be proud of himself. With the apparent success of CBB I can't wait for the next season and I hope the public gets more involved.
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  5. Damn, I wanted Ross to win, but he still got $75,000 I guess.

    On a few popularity polls I saw he got over 40% of the total vote and the next was about 10 percent with the remaining celebrities getting between 2% - 5%, so in a way he won.
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  6. Gotta love Shannon still being so pressed almost 2 weeks after being evicted.

    Ross should have won, but at least Marissa was likeable and funny most, if not all, of the season. Happy to see them both win some money and some sort of title.
  7. Are there particular episodes worth watching? It's not even like I didn't enjoy this, but I just dropped off around episode 4. Would like to know the gist of how it all played out, though.
  8. Season 2 confirmed for this winter via Julie during tonight's BB20 finale.
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  9. From the CBS 2019 schedule press release:

    BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION returns for a second season Monday, Jan. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), as a group of celebrities live together in the BIG BROTHER house outfitted with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Julie Chen Moonves returns as host. Following the premiere, BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION will air on multiple nights each week for three weeks, with the two-hour finale on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

    So - who will we get this year? They need someone on the level of Omarosa, which won't be easy. Maybe they can get Farrah now that she's off of Teen Mom and willing to do literally anything for a paycheck.
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  10. They've laid out the entire schedule already. Episodes air at 8:00 EST.

    Monday, Jan. 21, Tuesday, Jan. 22, Wednesday, Jan. 23, Friday, Jan. 25, Sunday, Jan. 27

    Monday, Jan. 28, Wednesday, Jan. 30, Saturday, Feb. 2

    Monday, Feb. 4, Thursday, Feb. 7, Friday, Feb. 8 (2-Hour Episode)

    Monday, Feb. 11, Wednesday, Feb. 13 (2-hour Season Finale)
  11. I pray a Stormy is coming.
  12. Maybe Scaramucci?

    Also RIP Ross’ marriage
  13. Oh this would be it.

    Last years cast was okay, but I hope they manage to up the crazy a bit. Fewer old men, more catty reality TV queens.
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  14. Until she drops out on the day the show starts because of court developments........ But I’m not still bitter about what we missed out on in the summer.......
  15. Stormy would be something else for sure. I'm still rooting for Tiffany Pollard to be on. I will always be rooting for Tiffany Pollard.
  16. I probably won't watch this unless Tiffany really is on it.
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  17. I’m sure they are courting Stormy. Tamar Braxton or Tiffany would be a coup. For guys any disbanded boyband member or egocentric c-list actor will do.
  18. Spencer Pratt was gunning for it last time, but since he's got a (real) job since, he might not be available. Perez was too, but I'm not sure anyone cares too much (and I say that having been delightfully disgusted by him in CBBUK).
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  19. I need Perez and Frankie Grande to stay 5000 miles away from this.
  20. With no UK version I may just have to try this.
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