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Celebrity Big Brother (US) - Season 2 Cast Revealed

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. I wonder if any of the people who fancied themselves “superfans” of the show but thought the stakes were too high for whatever reason to actually compete, will notice that last season came and went without much controversy (besides what Omarosa unleashed); the fans loved it and it generally was a resounding Meh from the rest of the public. All reputations remained intact.

    Although perhaps not in the future. Who will be the Jade, Jo and Danielle of CBBUS??
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  2. There will be no Jade, Jo and Danielle. Even with live feeds available. The proper show is heavily edited to focus on gameplay and then we have the feeds which usually 'freeze' as soon as something really controversial happens - I'm talking post BB15.
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  3. Jesus, give me strength.
  4. This feels both highly possible but also too good to be true. HmmT. Too many fake cast lists went around last year, so I can't believe this one just yet... but I'd be very here for it.
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  5. Seems too good to be true but if there's no Tiffany then I likely won't watch.
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  6. This can't be true... it's too good.

    My beloved Tiffany on a season with

    This is straight out of my pipe dreams. The only people missing are Nikki Blonsky & Ramona Singer....
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  7. Tiffany and Aubrey alone would make me watch this even with the horrible sound effects every 5 second.
  8. Aubrey O'Day is hilarious on reality television. Tiffany of course would be amazing. I would watch for the two of them alone. However, they were also rumored for the first season of this so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.
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  9. I wonder if the relative success of last year's CBB might sway someone like Tiffany to do it this year. I need it to happen!!

    My only fear with Aubrey O'Day would be that we'd have to hear about her affair with that malformed toad and I don't need that in my life. I really don't.
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  10. I've never watched any season of this show before but this looks interesting. Is the Tiffany Pollard talk just speculation? Does the cast not get revealed until premiere night?
  11. It's all just speculation so far, and tons of 'sources' said Tiffany was a sure thing last year, so I wouldn't bet on it. I think the cast was announced about a week before the premiere last year.
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  12. I hate that I opened this thread. My soul will be crushed if Tiffany and Aubrey aren't on now.
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  13. Last year there were some announcements during the Grammy Awards, right? Unfortunately the ceremony is a few weeks after the show starts so that won't be a repeat.
  14. dddd yes, I remember a few exciting (fake) cast lists going around... and then during the Grammys we got clips of Mark McGrath and Metta World Peace.

  15. I will watch if Tiffany and Aubrey are on it. I don't like the US format much but those two will be great TV regardless.
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  16. Well I’m perched regardless.
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  17. Tonya Harding would be SUCH a scream omg
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  18. Uno


    Tiffany was rumored for last season too. I doubt she'll be on it.
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  19. This person is legit. They're likely a former HG (my guess is always Michelle from BB10 ddddd). Tiffany is in the running but wants more cash.
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  20. Give Tiffany anything and everything she wants. If they can afford to give Les Moonves all that money they can afford to give a queen a good pay day.
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