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Celine Dion - Courage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Mar 22, 2019.

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  1. Seems like new music is imminent!

    Celine filmed an interview with Good Morning America yesterday, filmed Carpool Karaoke today and will be recording a one hour concert special at the beginning of April!
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  2. Or new Vegas.
  3. Hmmm I wonder if she is going to stay in Vegas with a new show.
  4. No Vegas.

    It's 99,9% sure she'll do a (world) tour that's either starting late this year or early next year.

    And I think we'll FINALLY be getting new music SOON (my guess a new single on April 5th).
    Her (new) social media is suddenly very active, so big things are coming <3

  5. They’re doing a ticket bundle, with the album releasing in the fall.
  6. This timeless, fashion forward, well choreographed iconic staple in Celine’s discography MUST be performed this time round.

    A real fan favourite.
  7. Album bundled with the tickets. she's coming for blood.

    Wonder if the album will be called Courage as well? Also, do we know who she's been working with on the record?
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  8. Her first week sales could be massive with a tour bundle.
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  9. I hope she comes to Zurich, I've never seen her live and really want to.
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  10. That Courage logo and colour... Mylene teas.
    Bon Courage to all her fans seeing it everywhere for two years, I feel ya.

    I need this Celine to have a song or two:
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  11. Will this be her first proper tour since Taking Chances? Or is this tour just another few, random dates? I’m perched because I’m hoping for a big Celine production again.
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  12. Likewise - recent mini tours have been a bit too low-concept/"park and bark" affairs for an artist of her magnitude and track record.
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  13. Fingers crossed for U.K. and European dates later next year!!
  14. I first read that as Carnage and thought that was an intriguing and off-brand tour name.

    Courage makes a lot more sense.
  15. Luc


    Preview of a NEW TRACK at 0'42!!!

    Sounds kinda like a David Guetta & Sia collab!
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  16. Well, i'm boppin'

    Also, she doesn't get enough credit for being an LGBT icon.
  17. Sounds like a massive bop.

    Unsurprisingly, she's confirmed that the album is called Courage and will be out in November.
  18. She obviously has demand for a huge world tour that would break records so there really shouldn’t be much risk in investing in bigger production... though I understand this arrangement might be the most comfortable for her after Rene’s passing.
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  19. LPT


    That's how you announce an album and tour. Fuck that woman is class act . I was settling in to practise my mindfulness and the FB notification popped up on my screen - I was engrossed. Who goes to the effort to film a mini video like that ? Amazing . I know it sounds ridiculous but the best parts of her show is when she is talking to the audience, I find her to be totally engrossing and humble. That dance track we heard is off the hook, I'm shocked she's actually experimenting with that style and not sticking in her usual lane ( I know, I know "Sorry For Love" and "I Drove All Night " say hello). Bring on Courage ! A new day has definitely come. I'm alive and so are you !
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