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Celine Dion - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, May 2, 2007.

  1. I really do love Celine's cover of River Deep Mountain High. The nod/shoutout to Tina especially.
  2. I wish Celine would knock out an album of rare/unreleased stuff. They are bound to have loads in the vaults, including that stuff she did with Phil Spector. I loved that little clip that was released a while back.
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  3. I never knew there was a clip! Could you link me to it, I'm curious?

  4. Also this...
  5. Good stuff!
  6. I love it, but I am not sure how exactly Phil's wall of sound approach to recording would have worked in the 1990s.
  7. That's true, suppose of it's time in that respect.
  8. I'd rather not give any compliments or attention towards a literal convicted murderer. We don't need to hear anything from that monster.
  9. Well he's dead now, so no need to worry about that.
  10. That doesn’t erase his crime or ease the pain of his victims family. It would be in extreme distaste for Celine and her team to release and profit from his work with her.
  11. The tapes aren't dead though. She recorded a few songs with him, and there are more than one master tape. The one that leaked was found at an executive of Spector's company's office. There are supposedly 11 tapes, containing different songs in various forms. Vocal takes, and instrumental etc.

    I think technically that the tapes belong to Spector/his company and he apparently said in the 1990s that the songs were they best Celine had ever sounded and that after the way the recording sessions ended he wouldn't ever release them in his life time. I am paraphrasing as it was a long time ago I read about this.

    He apparently threatened Celine in a recording session (maybe with a gun) and the whole project was brought to an abrupt end. That's why Steinman was brought in and the album became Falling Into You. They wanted a producer to give that bombastic epic rock-pop sound. Steinman had been a fan of Spector and was influenced by him a lot.
  12. These sound amazing but yeah…. Not worth being threatened with a gun. I mean seriously?
  13. Yes indeed, nothing at all is ever worth that.
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  14. This is not about his personality its about the music, calm down
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  15. I am calm, but the fact remains. Celine has plenty of songs that were nor written/produced by a murderer. Releasing anything would be utterly distasteful and an insult, it doesn't matter how good the songs may be.
  16. Has Celine ever discussed what transpired in the studio with Spector? There's a haunting quality to those clips that reminds me of Cher's collaboration with him on "A Woman's Story." They're historically important recordings, so hopefully they do see the light of day in some form.
  17. Spector collabs aside, she really should release a rarities album. I'd buy one in a heartbeat!
  18. I believe the only thing her team has ever said about the situation was in one of her biographies.

    And a little while ago I saw this video (someone who was there recalled his experience):

    (starting somewhere around 1:32:10)
  19. Have we seen this commercial? Apologies if its been shared already but it's got Celine's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" and I think it may be the best commercial I've seen this year (next to the Qantas commercial).

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