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Celine Dion - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, May 2, 2007.

  1. ^Top taste in music.
  2. Can we talk about why we haven't gotten a full version of her take of I'm Gonna Make You Love Me it would've been a nice bonus cut on The Colour of My Love album
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  3. Wonder if Celine will ever have deluxe editions of her albums someday?
  4. Omg how could I've missed this! :o John giving Céline some <3
  5. Ah, 1995, when Céline Dion and mall department stores were both popular. Good times.
  6. Talking about 1995 era, i wonder if she ever recorded I can't help falling in love

  7. I was giving Courage a listen today and then it hit me again that that little snippet of Play Me Like A Love Song is better than a lot of what made the (very bloated) album. Really wish she would release the full song. It's the most classic sounding Celine ballad I have heard in years. I think it could have done quite well for her.
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  8. Meh.
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  9. Such an amazing vocal.
  10. Is it a general consensus that Vegas saved Celine's career? Just checking her statistics on Wikipedia, it seemed like she was underperforming a lot in the 2000s both commercially and critically. But then, she did Vegas and was rebranded a bit to have a great reputation for her shows, which gave way to her becoming both a touring and residency force.
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  11. Geez. Poor Céline. Muscle spasms are no fun.
  12. Must be super serious if even the January dates are going back. Poor Céline!
  13. It's hard to tell... she came back really strong with 'A New Day Has Come' after a 2 year hiatus. While that era was still in full swing, they already announced the Vegas residency, which basically swallowed her musical career. If she had toured the ANDHC album, I think it would've done really well. Her peak was the mid/late 90's and I don't it would've topped that, but still. So we'll never know, but I don't think it "saved" her career. It just closed a big chapter of her carer and opened a huge new - and different - one.
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