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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Lately I re-discovered Celine Dion. I mean, I used to love her but My Heart Will Go On kind of put me off her for few year (about 10 I guess…). I lately bought few of her last albums and I LOVED Taking Chances. I personally think that My Love is one of the best ballads ever written and what it makes it even more special is the way she sings it. Beautiful.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I never really got when and why it became wrong to like her..
    Most of her ballads are quite beautiful (I love I Surrender!) and That's The Way It Is was a great popsong.. I for one am really looking forward to her first decent Greatest Hits.
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I like her upbeats as well!!

    Reval, Faith, Wrong One Loves You Right, Sorry For Steps Love, Misled, Make U Happy... I love some Celine...why not
  4. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Hate her and everything she's done to music.
  5. Ray


    She is vile, even more so than Mimi. However, the dance remix of Misled was pretty good.
  6. I remember the time i got obsessed with her last September.For three weeks.

    And now? Now she's penetrated my Last.fm top 50.That's 500 plays too many.
  7. Her vocal on I Surrender is absolutely outstanding - one of the best recorded vocals I've ever heard. It's a travesty that it's not her signature song!
  8. Her A New Day Has Come album was amazing. Out of 16 tracks, I only skip 2.

    Goodybye's The Saddest Word should have been huge, and Sorry For Love should have been a single. Or at least sent to (gay) clubs!

    I wasn't too keen on follow up album One Heart, aside from the excellent cover of I Drove All Night. But the Taking Chances album restored all faith.

    And she won Eurovision - what's not to love?!
  9. I agree with you in all...aprt the fact i didnt like I drove all night... fopr me it was a chep attempt to ask the gays to love her... and Cindy Lauper version can't be topped...
  10. She's boring. Basically.
  11. I sometimes feel embarrassed when I feel I kinda like her. She seems like a nice person. But her music is pretty awful all round.
  12. I wonder what the turning point was? Because 10 years ago before that break she had after her rip off Best Of album, She was scoring hit after hit after hit, With Multi-platinum 20million+ selling albums, with huge radio support with strong airplay.

    Now she is lucky if she can even go platinum or radio play her songs at all.

    Big shame because she has an incredible voice, And I have to agree the vocals on I Surrender are truly earth shattering, One of her best songs ever & always seems to be the one those Muppet's on American Idol try & sing but fail miserably to do it justice (Kelly Clarkson aside as she was ill on the week she did it).
  13. She might not be getting radio play but her albums still sell well considering how sells are today.

    Taking Chances sold 3.5 million. Thats good considering most people outside the internet and fanatics probably did even hear a single.
  14. Her greatest hits album will be one of the biggest albums this Christmas. Fact.
  15. But what a gift it was to the cheap gays!
  16. Fact.
  17. bethrington

    bethrington Guest

    'taking chances' was the 3rd biggest selling album of the year last year internationally. and it only came out in october! so, she isnt loosing her touch... its just radio wont play her music!
  18. Oh is this a proper Greatest Hits this time?

    Which is really unfair, Because she obviously still has a mass market I wonder if Whitney will have this trouble now with her comeback?

    Does seem to be whenever a diva gets to "that age" they become old & nobody will play them & they struggle.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Very much:
    Disc: 1
    1. My Heart Will Go On
    2. Think Twice
    3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
    4. A new day has come
    5. My Love
    6. Taking Chances
    7. That's the way it is
    8. The Power of Love
    9. Because You Loved Me
    10. Tell Him
    11. Falling into you
    12. I Drove All Night
    13. I'm Alive
    14. All by myself
    15. Alone
    16. Immortality
    17. Beauty & The Beast
    18. There Comes A Time

    Disc: 2
    1. River Deep Mountain High
    2. One Heart
    3. I'm Your Angel
    4. Only One Road
    5. Pour Que Tu M'aimes encore
    6. You & I
    7. To Love You More
    8. Eyes On Me
    9. Have You Ever Been In Love
    10. The Reason
    11. Seduces Me
    12. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    13. Dance With My Father
    14. Misled
    15. Love Can Move Mountains
    16. Call The Man
    17. Goodbye's The Saddest Word
    18. The Prayer

    The EU 1-disc-version is disc 1 with Pourque Tu M'aimes Encore instead of Falling Into You.. I Think I'll be getting that.
  20. ^^^^ Wow no songs from the Unison album at all, Not even Where does my heart beat now Which is considered her breakthrough English speaking song & her 1st US top 10 hit.

    But a far better tracklisting than All The Way was.
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