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Celine Dion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. I really hope that Sony have recorded the UK shows for a DVD release. I would love to have a show of hers that I have been at on DVD. And she just sounded amazing. It would be good to release it around the time of the new album early next year or around Christmas time.
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  2. I haven't read much in this thread but now feels like a good time for Celine to make a comeback? Is she working on something?

    She's quite present in the press with these fashion choices she's been making and I think following Rene's death people are kind of curious to see what she would do next, in the nicest possible way.

    I know she'll never have another hit single but I'd like to see her have a presence outside of Vegas again. Seeing her pic in Vegas everywhere last week felt nice, she's so reliable as an icon, she deserves to have another big hit album.
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  3. She's been recording for a while, new album out first quarter of next year I imagine. Three new Sia tracks apparently I just hope it's a bit more like A New Day Has Come, Falling Into You. I'd rather a positive feeling album, with of course some great power ballads.
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  4. Her fans on Instagram have been killing me thinking she's in a relationship with the dancer , he's as gay as a multipack of glitter wrapped in a bedazzled rainbow flag
  5. I imagine it's going to be about living in the now and new starts
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  6. He's delicious.
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  7. That he is ly9kK0D.gif
  8. Yes... I'm ready for such an album. Life affirming realness please Celine. Give me those anthems.
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  9. LP


    Spilling those Life's About To Get Good Teas!
  10. God- you've all killed me into buying last minute tickets for tomorrow. *hasn't been watching Ticketmaster for 3 days for a good seat*
  11. You won't regret it. A few people have told me it was the best gig of their lives.
  12. One heart is my favorite Celine album.

    I know what love s, breaks my heart it is so fucking beautiful.
  13. The concert truly was the best night of my life!

    Here's my video of "Think Twice" which was the highlight of the entire evening - the crowd singing along is everything and gives me goosebumps.

    (Sorry about my occasional singing and woo-ing!)

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  14. Oh don't... looks amazing. I keep hearing this might be her last UK tour... though I could see her being a Cher.
  15. She said in Birmingham that she felt so bad for not being over here in like 9/10 years and she wouldn't leave it so long again - of course, that could just be something she says in a general way - but I hope not!
  16. I think Celine genuinely loves performing and would always tour. I hope she finishes with Vagas for good this time and just releases albums and tours again and can have more time to enjoy life.
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  17. I'd like to see her finish Vegas but I have a feeling she'll stay there as long as she can because that's probably what Renee would have liked her to do. I have a feeling she'll just do both but take more time off. Cannot wait for the new album though.
  18. Yes I am looking forward to Celine and Kylie dropping amazing albums next year. Such a good time for me with music what with the feast of amazingness that Steps have been serving up this year too!
  19. Why did none of you warn me?

    That was ridiculously, fantastically incredible...

    She will keep my scalp forever!!
  20. I tried to warn you!

    You want more now, huh?... Yeah, me too!!!

    She's as addictive as crack!
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