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Celine Dion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. She was amazing. I love and respect her so much more now after seeing her tonight.

    She seemed genuinely moved that she hadn't been to Glasgow in so long and loved the reception. When she did the last note of the show she then started crying, it seemed like it was because she had just completed her first tour without Rene. I cried with her. What an incredible woman.
  2. It was the meaningful monologues- the pink wrote this for me... then she sang it and then she walked out of a dress! She walked out of a dress... her heart may go on but her time in that dress did not!
  3. I don't even like power ballads but I need to see this woman live. From the online videos to the word-of-mouth from fans, it's clear that she has 'it' in spades.
  4. She does. What ever it is - she has it in abundance!

    She's so much more than "that Titanic song" which is generally what non-fans and casual listeners know her for and, although I love 'My Heart Will Go On' and appreciate what it did for her career, it's not even the best song in her repertoire.
  5. I think One Heart is my favorite Celine album as well. Even though A New Day, Falling Into You, and Let's Talk About Love have more memorable highs, it plays as the most consistent and there aren't really any duds. Most her albums have at least 2-3 ballads I can never remember, no many how times I play them.
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  6. One Heart was a rushed album and mostly made up of left overs from the A New Day sessions. It is a very good pop album and worked for that time, but for me it doesn't come close to Falling Into You which is just perfection from start to finish.
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  7. My favourite album is Colour Of My Love. For a start it has The Power of Love, Think Twice, Only One Road and Misled on it. It also has some great album tracks such as Love Doesn't Ask Why, Next Plane Out, Refuse to Dance and Lovin' Proof. It's so 90's sounding too but that's part of its charm. The cover art is also stunning (my favourite artwork of hers) and it began the iconic "Celine Dion" logo she's used ever since!
  8. Perhaps I'm extremely late to this information but I ordered the Loved Me Back To Life Vinyl LP after seeing Céline in concert and having just played it now was surprised to hear a rap section on "Save Your Soul"... looking at the back cover it says "Featuring Malcom Kelley"... I had no idea there were other versions of songs... was this on the US edition of the album?

    I've heard there is another version of "Unfinished Songs" which I assume was the soundtrack version which hasn't been released?
  9. There is also a demo version of Unfinished Songs which is a more basic keyboard sounding instrumental.
  10. Does anybody know why Celine's shows on ticketmaster for Vegas in Sept-Oct this year are now suddenly not on sale anymore? I looked the other day and I could get tickets and now it won't let me. Just says 'Currently not on sale.'
  11. Sexy fishnet Celine doesn't get enough recognition.

  12. This is such an atypical look and vocal performance from Celine. I love it.
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  13. Rob


    I've just booked tickets to see her in Vegas on New Years Eve and I am beyond excited!
  14. Celine Dion is one of my favourite people on the planet. I just had to say this right here, right now.
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  16. Can we get some appreciation for this underrated/overlooked pop gem from her last album? WHAT A QUEEN.
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  17. Her latest album, Encore Un Soir, is in my opinion, the best she's ever done. Well produced, and her vocals... so impressive! L'Etoile is my favourite of the records. Just.. wow
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  18. I would love a new English pop release in 2018. The time is ripe for her "Believe" moment.
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  19. Yes, bring it on! Curious to hear the Sia tracks - hopefully they'll make the cut
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