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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. It's not really that crazy that so many are ballads... Have you heard her entire English discography? What's crazy is that so many of the ballads just don't have that classic build up to a dramatic final key change chorus with an ear shattering bombastic high note that defies logic and the laws of nature.

    What's also crazy is that none of the ballads are suitably overwrought and dripping with dramatic baroque-ified instrumentation and embellishment. There are no All Coming Back To Me Now's, there's no All By Myself, no Think Twice, no Call The Man, I Surrender, Walk Away, Only One Road, If You Asked Me To, Water From The Moon, Where Does My Heart Beat Now...

    That proper trademark Celine power ballad moment isn't there. Instead there are a lot of songs that could have been on any pop girls album. Of course Celine elevates theses songs but they just don't sound as if they are custom couture, made for her. They are aren't tailored to her incredible voice. They all sound a bit off the rack.
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  2. I thought it existed but haven't as of yet been able to find a copy. I have so far had 3 digipack versions and detest digipacks.
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  3. I genuinely had no idea Taking Chances had a jewel case release either, I’ve only ever seen the Digipaks in stores, wow.
  4. So...I just checked and the copy I have is digipack and my Aunt is sadly no longer on this earth to bop, so I can't check with her. I may have jumped the gun with my certainty on this one - sorry to have gotten you excited. I had been in Oz, and I think there is a Gold edition that's jewel case, but I could indeed be wrong.
  5. Céline's mum has passed away.
  6. Poor Celine, how awful.
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  7. Céline’s got a mini-doc available on Apple Music. Trailer:

  8. I've heard Change My Mind a few times on BBC Radio 2 over the last few days so I guess that must be the next single.
  9. Little Revealers, anyone have any code or presale for the Athens date 31/07?
    Was on her mailer but unsubscribed because of the baby stuff.
  10. Have I missed something? Is she pregnant?!
  11. With success.
    No she had a baby clothing line.
  12. Nice surprise on a Wednesday! Céline recorded 2 songs for SpotifySessions: "Imperfections" and a cover of "Wicked Game" (ft Chris Isaak).

    They should've picked a different (more produced) song from the new album (to strip down), this version of "Imperfections" doesn't really do it for me.. And her singing very low on WG... took me a few listens to really get used it! Never really cared for the original, but her version is quite nice.
  13. The Wicked Game cover is so good. Her vocal is just perfect. More grit than we're used to from Céline.
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  14. That reaction of Celine Dion to that woman singing 'I Surrender' is possibly my favourite thing since Halsey telling a bunch of her stans outside the BBC that she would come back for them (when she clearly wouldn't).
  15. I’m waiting for Céline to step out with some hot young stud and totally shock everyone. A non gay one this time. Get it, mama!
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  16. Joyeux anniversaire, Madame Dion!

    Together with J-Lo's Waiting For Tonight, this was my turn-of-the-millenium anthem:

  17. Whew the whiplash!
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  18. Why wasn't this a single? I'd be happy even if it was a "five o'clock somewhere" release like most of the Falling Into You tracks.

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  19. Well it sounded dated even back then. Same songwriter as JLO's Waiting For Tonight but with not great production. I think it's produced by Rick Wake?
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