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Celine Dion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, May 2, 2007.

  1. Thank you.

    I wish her all the strength she needs. She is such a delight and so full of positive energy for other people always. I hope she gets some back for herself.
  2. There's always such a sense of grace and dignity and grace about her. I hope she gets back to 100% soon, I know she's a champion when it comes to her craft.
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  3. TMI


    This tour wears its name well…

    Hope the best for her and the fans.
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  4. It sucks that she’s had to reschedule again, but her health comes first. I had a feeling it would happen with the other cancellations. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    We’ll see you in 2023 Céline!
  5. Very enjoyed her at the BBC special that was shown on BBC2 last night. So many classics! Never knew though, that she performed the EPIC Where Does My Heart Beat Now on Wogan, and it still somehow flopped! I love both that and the Unison album itself so much.

  6. Just came across this. Never knew she opened Eurovision in 1989 with Where Does My Heart Beat Now-a whole two years before us in the UK would get it as her debut single. Looks great too and very 80s!
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  7. Nice to have this at last soon via the NOW Pride set! Celine dance remixes are few and far between.
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  8. There are great Celine dance mixes from the 90's, but they aren't on streaming or easy to find.
  9. Which is just a great shame I think.
  10. Those from her first two albums can be really hard to find anywhere, e.g., Unison, If There Was Any Other Way, and Did You Give Enough Love. I’d be up for a reissue campaign or a remix anthology. A lot of fantastic stuff!
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  11. Yes to a reissue campaign! Especially for Unison and it's many rare remixes.
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  12. Love this era of Celine embracing more dance-pop back in the early 00s!

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  14. Looks rather lovely. Quite an strong festive record too overall.
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  15. Aside from the hymn/gospel tracks, I really love her holiday album. Christmas Eve is my favorite, but adding I Met an Angel is also a great move. Bop!
  16. Her and Shakira still doing bilingual social media posts... its 2022 hunnis
  17. Oh the people here would probably burn down the whole country if she started posting in English only.
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  18. I could use a new Céline album right about now, I miss her. Courage was great.
  19. Orange two disc vinyl edition of Let's Talk About Love out on November 18th:
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