Celine Dion

The outpouring of love for her online today is heartwarming to see, I hope she's feeling that love and that it's a small comfort to her. Even the Daily Mail comments section isn't a complete hellfire, for once.

The minority of backwards thinking idiots trying to use Celine to push an antivax agenda really need to get a grip though.
She looks devastated. She's been through so many challenging things, I really hope she can find a way to manage this enough to be able to perform again. I imagine it's incredibly hard to be dealing with this, and then add on the emotional stress of the fact it could prevent her from ever being able to perform live again.
Was watching the divine Beauty And The Beast over the weekend, and this is still by far the best version anyone aside Angela Lansbury of course, has ever done of the beautiful and in my view, greatest, Disney song:

So are her European shows likely to go ahead? Obviously her health is more important but I was really happy with my seats... <cries in Farrah Moan>
No list can diminish Celine's accomplishments. As a Canadian, I still remember her on MuchMusic as she was still learning English and was blown away by her beautiful voice and how she made singing in English sound so effortless. Then becoming a superstar with songs like Where Does My Heart Beat Now, If You Asked Me To, The Power of Love, and then became an international superstar/icon with Falling Into You and Let's Talk About Love, and of course, My Heart Will Go On. I think people often forget, too, that she won the Album of the Year Grammy for Falling Into You. And we can not forget how she reinvigorated Vegas and remained a top-selling act for years.

I played her first English album, Unison, today, and it really holds up. Her voice is just stunning. Front and center and she sounds glorious.