Celine Dion

She should just cancel at this point, I'm sure the stress of having a "deadline" won't be helping things
Maybe she just doesn't want to give up? Maybe it is her way of saying: I will overcome this! Remember that people have different ways of dealing with things and maybe she feels like it would be like giving up the fight, not having the courage to try anymore to make this work somehow.

The video is absolutely heartbreaking. I am devasted.
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This is horrible, rooting for her recovery. I read that there is an experimental drug that greatly helps with the symptoms, so hopefully she'll get better.
The outpouring of love for her online today is heartwarming to see, I hope she's feeling that love and that it's a small comfort to her. Even the Daily Mail comments section isn't a complete hellfire, for once.

The minority of backwards thinking idiots trying to use Celine to push an antivax agenda really need to get a grip though.
She looks devastated. She's been through so many challenging things, I really hope she can find a way to manage this enough to be able to perform again. I imagine it's incredibly hard to be dealing with this, and then add on the emotional stress of the fact it could prevent her from ever being able to perform live again.