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Chanel - SloMo

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DaniSpiceBoy, Mar 19, 2022.

  1. Our winner.
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  2. She’s clearly stanning Nicole’s Wet and React videos as much as we do and I’m not mad about it.
  3. She was recording new material last month in Miami with Leroy, so fingers crossed single number 2 is on the way.

    It’s lovely reading such amazing comments from everyone. She is such a star! Best Eurovision placement for Spain in 27 years!
  4. Spain is just glowing today and everyone is talking and having feelings about Chanel. A star is born!
  5. Chanel having her own thread is pop justice. She needs to strike while the iron is hot with a second single. I just hope she gives us more of the same, rather than going in a totally different direction. She should keep the hot dancers too. Especially Josh Huerta. Yes I'm thirsty
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  6. She did more for gay rights with a single flip of her hair than any politician.
  7. Guys, I’m on such a Chanel comedown today. Really hoping she announces some UK appearances soon!

    I’ve watched all the performances multiple times now, analysing every detail/change, in a way I’d only do for the likes of Britney/Madonna. Her star powah! I think Thursday’s semi-final performance remains my favourite. Saturday was still a 9.9/10, just started off a bit breathy. The irony of her best vocals coming after the dance break. Chanel’s body defying western medicine.
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  8. Cannot wait for her next single. Actually, it is quite exciting to see her unfolding as a musical artist - who knows what's in store for us, little Chanelistas!
  9. SloMo is at number 49 on UK Spotify, would love if it could chart on Friday!
  10. She's literally everywhere and I love to see it!


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  11. Mango shaped vinyl!

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  12. I need her to release and perform mo-mo-mo-more songs! She is such a talent, rare even on a global scale. After Duncan and Maneskin she should be this Eurovision's breakout star.
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  13. Debuted at #56 in the UK!
  14. This song makes me go fucking feral
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  15. Slay a bit.
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  16. There’s really no reason whatsoever why she shouldn’t be an international superstar. Her performance level really is world class.

    I just hope she realises her potential and seizes it. She’s just too damn good to waste!
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