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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Alfie, May 21, 2007.

  1. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Do you know this for a fact???
  2. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Without the presence of Ana Matronic in the group, they''d probably struggle to appeal much to women either. Also, the inability to have fun with music is by no means exclusive to straight men.

    There''s something about Mika I really can''t warm to. His music is just too shamelessly derivative (Billy Brown essentially IS Penny Lane) and he comes across as too much of a novelty act. Though I applaud his ''none of your business'' attitude to discussing his sexuality, because contrary to what certain people seem to believe, it IS none of our business.
  3. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I agree.


    When someone says that they like to "confuse people".

    Which is what Mika has said. If he likes to ''confuse people'' then he HAS to expect people to ask questions.

    Some people, of course, don''t respond to his interpretation of being ''enigmaic'' by being confused by anything other than his odd desire to play on his sexuality while refusing to talk about it.
  4. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Marc Almond, who was obviously screaming, didn''t like being referred to as ''''gay artist'''' so he didn''t really speak about it during his Soft Cell heyday. It''s sad but true to say that gay artists are usually labelled as such in interviews and reviews when it''s usually the least interesting part of their musical persona. Nobody says, "Straight Artist Justin Timberlake''''s new album," etc. Yet it''s also nothing for them to be ashamed of, after all aren''t many of our greatest free thinkers and artists gay? It''s a minefield.

    I personally think the Scissor Sisters and Mika are shite beyond all reckoning and their audiences are the same but Mika wants to crack America and he can''t as ''Gay Artist Mika,'' can he? You only need to see the reaction to the Scissor Sisters in the US. It was awful. Commercial indifference and death threats. Actually, they aren''t really a gay group in the tradition of all amazing gay pop groups in pop history such as Frankie and Tatu. Oh, I know they may have gay members and claim to be gay but really, they''re as commercial as S Club. Filthy/Gorgeous always puzzled me. "Why," I used to think, "Are they doing this now? It''s too late. Grannies love them."

    That''s what I think.
  5. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I''m confused by this - are gay and commercial mutually exclusive? How can T.A.T.U. be classed as a gay pop group when the whole thing was a (pretty obvious) sham?
  6. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Whoops! I''ve not explained myself very well with that last bit. What I meant to say was "They''re as shite as S Club."

    Though Tatu were an obvious but amazing sham, I think anyone would consider them a gay pop group. I''d be amazed if the public didn''t, after all it''s their defining image isn''t it? Teenage Russian Lesbian Britneys. I fucking love them.
  7. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Everyone, from Neil Tennant to my dead granny in Russia, knows that being a pop star is about selling sex. Taking the 5th on one''s sexuality is a cop-out in the world of pop, and I think gay artists should just say "eff it" and be as brazen as possible about who they are/ what they do in the bedroom. Otherwise they are tiresome, neuter and boring.

    The Scissors tend to grate on my nerves, but at least Jake Shears is a proud flameball who isn''t afraid to be seen shopping at high end dildo stores in NYC. For that I admire him!

    Mika seems to be the worst thing any pop star could be: insecure. What a total turn-off. We needn''t even discuss the other things wrong with his image, like the puffy, Streisand ''76 perm, dainty canvas shoes and cornball videos.
  8. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I''m stunned that anyone is remotely interested in his sexuality; he has all the allure of a peanut.
  9. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I agree with Kirkland with regards to t.A.T.u. and the way they were marketed - and whilst we saw through the sham and had a moral panic episode in the UK, with Richard Madeley attempting to get their records pulled from shelves for being paedophilic lesbianism, I''m not so sure that was the case in Russia. Even though they came out as not being a lesbian couple for the second album, they maintained a very sexually liberated "we are for love" stance, with Yulia having a baby, and then a girlfriend, and even recently attending the unfortunately infamous Moscow gay pride parade.

    Here is the Mika article that Mr. Popjustice wrote: http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguide/music/story/0,,2092006,00.html
  10. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!


    I don''t think Mika is anything to worry about though, he seems pretty gimmicky and disposable.

    I don''t think he''ll get round to releasing a second album, and if he does it will chart at #17 or something and nobody will care about him.
  11. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I know it''s only pop and we aren''t meant to think about it too deeply but Big Girl is so bad it''s almost evil. And Mika probably thinks he''s writing profound life affirming lyrics for women to cast aside the weighty shackles of life to. Instead you have the soundtrack to self-loathing.

    Mika and The Scissor Sisters could be vastly improved with their sudden deaths.
  12. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    That''s really good Mr PopJustice. One of my regular letters appeared on The Void (Channel 4 Teletext) about Beth Ditto and how she''s gone from genuinely interesting punk icon with so much great stuff to say to a rent a quote singer on issues of obesity. It''s depressing isn''t it?
  13. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I want to like Mika based on the principle that he is trying to bring something new to the table and have fun and be creative. BUT I just find him completely grating and middle of the road. It''s this whole "Whoo look at me being all crazy and colourful despite my songs being actually very pedestrian" thing that really bugs the shit out of me. The Scissors Sisters are similar. Some good songs I will admit and I liked bits of the first album but ultimately they have a really really banal and straightforward style to ther music that they just mask with their image and manage to get kudos for it. I am aware that this is the cardinal sin of a PJ poster BUT compared to Girls Aloud (I feel slightly cheap using their example) they always seem quite dull. Can you imagine Mika having the balls to do a song like Grafitti My Soul? Or the Scissor Sisters to do a song like Swinging London Town? I am aware that Girls Aloud are happily MOR when the mood takes them but they manage to chop and change between straightforward and fresh with their music all the time without having to carve out some "wacky" or "edgy" image to go along with it. Mika and his ilk are just as image concious and irritating as various indie rock dullards who are "all about the music" when they are all quite clearly about playing it safe, looking the same and not taking any risks. He might dress his intentions up in diffferent colours and want people to guess about his sexuality (YAWN) but he''s ulimately as dull and shite as Johnny from Razorlight or Chris Martin.
  14. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I have never read such a pointless and utterly hateful piece of writing. Peter, I am sorry you have stooped so low. And all this bollocks about his sexuality, well, I think you of all people will know it''s not great having your sexuality constantly questioned.

    The song was written after Mika went to The Butterfly Lounge in LA (a club that caters for larger ladies and their admirers) and because Mika''s mum and aunties are all ''Big Girls'' and he was always bullied about this as a child. I don''t find anything patronising about it at all. It''s about real life experience, a subject that''s personal to him. How is this any more patronising than Calvin Harris'' ''Girls'', a record and artist PJ is forever championing.

    Honestly, this Mika bashing is so fucking dull.
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    100% agree with mrsleaze.

    Mika can f*ck whoever he likes, it''s not like he has a beard girlfriend and pretends to be straight, right? And even then it''s his personal life, his.

    I never liked him much, found his album a bit dull but from hottest sensation of the year to ''crap'' now, well... it''s not right either.
  16. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Co-signed. Fair enough, he''s been playing up to the ''sexuality'' question in interviews, but when he gets asked about it in every single one I can''t really blame the guy. He must be bored rigid hearing about it.

    Not that any of this should detract from the music, so let me also say that Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) is unimaginably heinous. Derivative, crass and absolutely zero fun to listen to. Why isn''t he releasing Lollipop?
  17. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I''m sticking up for Mr PopJustice''s article now!

    At least Calvin Harris'' song writing is transparant enough for you to listen to Girls and know what he''s on about whereas Mika''s Big Girl comes across as shamelessly condescending. Why wouldn''''t a big girl think she was beautiful? Do all Big Girls need the approval of Mika to feel good about themselves? It''s a calculated attempt to ape Christina''s Beautiful if you ask me. What if I wrote a song called ''Gay Boy You Are Normal'', would people not see it for what it was? Utterly repellant nonsense designed to target a specific group''''s collective ego? Things like Big Girl do not need to be said because not all big girls feel ugly I''''m sure. It is patronising.

    Like I mentioned earlier, Beth Ditto has so much going for her. Yes her weight helps her stand out but it is not the end all and be all of her. Her voice is sufficiently interesting and Standing In The Way Of Control is a new anthem of substantial amazingness. I made that last word up. Why should she be asked constantly about her weight? It''s insulting.

    I personally don''t give a fuck who Mika shags, in my experience not many do.
  18. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Mr Sleaze I agree with a lot of what you say (in the post above and generally) but the point here is that he invites people to speculate about his sexuality (as he said himself, he likes to confuse people) and so it should follow, logically, that the people he ''confuses'' would ask questions. That is what happens when you are a self-styled enigma, surely?

    Whether someone''s gay or straight is, you and various other posters are quite right in saying, nobody''s business unless they use whichever sexuality they are (or more specifically aren''t) in one instance and pursue very different interests behind closed doors. I think it is important when an MP is involved in homophobic legislation when he spends most of his time with rentboys and I think it is important (although in an obviously less acute way) when a musician sells themselves as being heterosexual when they know that they are not.

    In Mika''s case it is different, obviously. As I said in the piece he is selling himself as either anything or nothing and is happy to reap the benefits of projecting that ''confused'' persona. But one of the problems with that comes to a head on a song like the new single where the intent and stance of the singer makes all the difference in being able to decide what the song actually means, whether it''s believable, whether you agree and so on.

    Not sure what the Calvin Harris connection is to all this, really?
  19. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Hi. Interesting article PJ, but unless i''m missing something, i would say you''ve also confused the issue somewhat. Surely Mika''s ''Big Girl'' could be sung from any perspective? Male, female, thin, fat, straight, gay - anyone could sing those lyrics if they had the conviction, right? Yes i completely agree with the notion that a million fag hags up and down the land are used to hearing these words from their gay male friends. I also think the lyrics could be construed as patronising or demographic-chasing. But it''s easy to say that if you are a media-savvy metrosexual (and quite possibly thin) Londoner - in reality there are a lot of big girls out there (if my sister is anything to go on - not to mention the women in the ''big girl'' video) who take pleasure from this song. And that is NOTHING to do with Mika''s vague sexuality.

    I''d be VERY interested to hear Beth Ditto''s opinion on this song! Especially after she slagged The Gays off for promoting skinny women in the fashion industry (probably the very same people buying Gossip records, as someone somewhere pointed out.) How would she feel about a camp man extolling the virtues of voluptuous women?

    For the record, i fucking hate Mika and pray he is the new The Darkness.
  20. Ray


    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    "Can you imagine Mika having the balls to do a song like Grafitti My Soul? Or the Scissor Sisters to do a song like Swinging London Town?"

    Before I answer, can I make sure you''re not one of the PJ forums members who praise Britney for her originality and talent?

    I am so not jumping on the Mikahating bandwagon. I saw him live. He''s fucking talented in a way that neither me nor anyone here, really, will ever be. And *that* I have to admire, even if "Big Girl" is really horrible. Which is why the skip button was invented.
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