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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Alfie, May 21, 2007.

  1. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I really like ''The Girls'' (after initially thinking it was crap) but to be honest, I can''t really see Calvin going for any Vanessa Feltz types. Anyway, I don''t find that patronising but I do find it clever song to maximise his target audience. Buy Calvin''s music and he will shag you, it doesen''t matter if you look like Carole from Big Brother!

    I can''t be arsed talking about Mika''s sexuality but I would like to echo what Popjustice and other members have said about it. Very patronising.
  2. Ray


    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    Additional bit of reply to Mr Popjustice''s article:

    "[...] despite initial appearances, it is not a song to sit alongside Christina''s Beautiful or the Sugababes'' Ugly - both songs about people being brilliant on the inside"

    That would be much more convincing had Christina and Sugababes themselves not been stylised to death. "We really care about your inside, now can you bog off while we have our make up done?"
  3. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    The line between empathy and condescension can be thin. So what to one person seems like hypocracy can to another seem like true concern. I think it''s good how Mr PJ''s piece points out how action speaks louder than words - that if you''re honest you''d be able to walk the talk too, if needed. He does this with a whole lot of hypothesizing, which is a bit unfortunate. It can give you an urge to step up to Mika''s defence, when maybe he doesn''t deserve it.

    However, I do think he''s OK generally - maybe not as good as your Lola, but good enough.
  4. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    I actually agree with Simon Cowell and think Mika is spectacularly untalented.

    I had the misfortune of catching his acoustic performance of Grace Kelly on the Culture Show once and nearly shot myself in the logic that it would be a quicker way of getting the sound out of my head than reaching for the remote.

    At best his material is cras and throwaway. At worst it is a inane, gimmicky dirge.

    Alfie summed it up, he''s certainly not anything to worry about, he won''t be around for long.
  5. Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    I''m not in case you were wondering. I''m well aware the five members of Girls Aloud did not sit down and bash out Swinging London Town on a piano and turn it into the final cut on their own but I''m just making the point that just because the likes of Mika are dressed up as shiny and new and inventive does not mean that don''t release songs that I find incredibly middle of the road and obvious.
  6. So much going on here!

    Regarding Mika''s voice: There is one song on the album that might be a bit less polarizing and that is My Interpretation. Great lyric, great song, it really speaks to personal experience. A bit Dave Matthews, but I love that one. I also love Relax. What I don''t like is how unoriginal he is, but I forgive it because he is truly a pop artist and a male and the record is a goodparty/beach record. It gets a lot of play in stores, etc. Bully for him.

    If you want to look at someone who has handled his sexuality well and been successful, look at Rufus Wainwright. Mika''s CONSTANT appearances on the cover of gay rags is now beyond dull: "Will he address it honestly this time?" No. Again and again. I think the magazine editors are to blame too. If your magazine is called Out (and don''t get me started on that mag!) then don''t put Mr. Mika on the cover.

    What I don''t get is people saying he is too happy, too dancey or has too big a hairdo. Good God. If you don''t like him, you don''t like him, but to me, some of that talk seems like coded jabs: he is mincing. Which, interestingly, he is NOT. I think those comments reflect a discomfort with how men present themselves. Men are not to be gazed at in society, they are the gazers. That is evolving over time, but the idea lingers.

    The Mika story is not over - we''ll see what happens. This may be Act 1 with a big reveal in Act 2. Or maybe not. His second CD will be crucial to establishing his bona fides as a MUSICIAN. In my opinion, no one can win: You are slammed for a mild personality (Rachel), slammed for a vague one (Mika) and slammed for strong one (Amy or Lily). I''d argue that the strong (but smart/dynamic) ones win in the long run.

    I mean, I hate Justin Timberlake, but he is very talented and clearly has a brain. I won''t begrudge him that.

    I''ll wait until Mika''s video is released before I comment on it though! That is so NOT the single I would have chosen and I think PJ is right to be cynical. I''d love to have heard the marketing meetings on that choice. Will Mika label other people in a way he refuses to be labeled?
  7. She had NO personality at all. And Lily wasn''t slammed for her personality but the fact she keeps starting fights which, funny though it was at first, now threatens to distract people away from her talent.

    My problem with Mika, apart from his music not being to my tastes, is the fact he wants to be Beck and he never will. And just because you write and make your own music doesn''t make it good, just ask Katie Melua.
  8. I''m afraid that Mika will have more lasting power than everyone thinks, because although Life In Cartoon Motion is mostly downright shit, Mika has found a successful formula and image, so his record company will spare no expense to get the right producers and writers for another hit album.

    Why are they going with BGYAB anyway? Lollipop is surely the only thing on the album with any life in it.
  9. I''m not sure about the ''writers'' part since Mika is the sole credited writer on some three-quarters of his debut album - but in any case, a slew of expensive producers doesn''t guarantee success. Daniel Bedingfield''s second album cost quite a bit to put together and still bombed - and so far, his sister''s album looks to be heading the same way, despite featuring the work of A-list US producers. Whether Mika''s success continues or not depends partly on good songs and partly on whether he can sustain interest with the persona he''s carved out for himself.
  10. Didn''t Greg Wells produce and mix all Mika''s tracks?
  11. This thread is very reminiscent to The Darkness backlash to name just one, lavished with endless awards and praise from the music industry for a debut album like so many seem to be, only to flop and fade with follow up material, as the buying public realised the hype wasn''''t really justified.
  12. I really like the three singles he''s released so far. Over here ''Relax (Take It Easy)'' is doing really well (he hasn''t released ''Love Today'' over here, though they''re playing it on the music channels like TMF and JIM...).

    As for the straight guys not liking Scissor Sisters and Mika: ALL my friends are straight like hell and they really like them.
    - Mika: the bits he sings so high are actually the bits my friends really like to sing.
    - Scissor Sisters: well, I guess they only like them on the count of ''I Don''t Feel Like Dancing'' because it was so catchy and one of the best and most successful singles of their career.
    I was very surprised my friends liked these, just for the fact Scissor Sisters are gay and Mika is gay-bi-whatever...

    Listening to ''Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)'' and I don''t rate it that highly. It''s really not offensive to me... But I guess that could just be rated to the fact I''m not big and not a girl. I understand it can be offensive to others...
  13. i''ve seen on the release shcedule that "big girl" is the new mika single, but on my local radio station they are playing "lollipop". which is the new single??
  14. Wow, this thread has gotten deep..

    Anyhooo, I''d like to weigh in with a few points. Mika''s sexuality issues are old and boring. He has undoubtedly bought into the old rule of "gay men don''t sell records". However, as has already been stated, pop music is about sexualiity, but that doesn''t always mean it has to be about the popstar in question being fanciable.

    I think Mika is a fool for this reason: Ten years ago people said that a girlband could never work because girls and gays were the majority pop buyers, and a girl group would not appeal to them. The Spice Girls proved that wrong. Why? Because whilst girls bought Take That records because they fancied Robbie Williams and wanted the sappy romantic lyrics to be about them, the sexuality of the Spice Girls was a learning tool for them. Girls could identify with the Spice Girls because they identified with the sexuality, could emulate it and celebrate it.

    By the same token, girls love to get a glimpse of true male sexuality. Not the Justin Timberlake "I''m gonna fuck you" macho bullshit - which girls buy because they wanna fuck JT - but true ale sexuality. Because of the way our society works, women have always been objects of desire, whilst the men select their choice of woman, which is why you have Britney and Madonna. In gay sexuality, there is no woman, so men have to be more open and sexual - this is hugely appealing to women and gay men. There''s definitely a chance for a decent gay male artist to be hugely successful as that, so long as he doesn''t go over the top.

    And by OTT I mean like the Scissor Sisters, who are almost a parody of gay sexuality and as such not in the slightest bit attractive (like the Pussycat Dolls are far too sexualised to ever really appeal to straight men). The Scissor Sisters are like being locked in G-A-Y and fondled by a Tranny, it''s a gay right of passage, but you try and forget about it in the morning.

    And whilst we''re on the subject, George Michael''s constant game changing has made him completely unappealing and Rufus Wainright is far too patronisingly concerned with being the world''s gay representative to ever be successful.
  15. Mika is not quite as bad as The Darkness, but I agree with your point. I don''t think it will be long before his fans wonder what the hell they were doing listening to him (although most of them will probably think he was popular at the time, so it''s okay). I think Mika is a test to see if people will buy any old shit as long as it is hyped as ''talented'' and ''credible''. Also, I think he proves that to many people; ''annoying'' equals ''fun''.
  16. Relax won''t wear out for me, though Grace Kelly probably will.
  17. Ray


    Re: Mika and Amy Winehouse gone to the dumper!

    LOL, good one!

    I don''t really think he''s dressed up as new or inventive. I think he''s dressed up as much, much, much younger Elton John. If his gigs (is he actually doing any?) are going to be like the Amsterdam showcase and his songs are going to be like Grace Kelly, My Interpretation and Lollipop, I''ll probably witness his second Greatest Hits record. If instead he puts out singles like Big Girl (I fail to see appeal of THIS particular song to anyone except for Mika''s fag hag friends and he surely can''t have enough of them to launch the song into top 40) and develops a drug problem... then I probably won''t.

    BTW, loved the bit about Scissor Sisters being "like being locked in G-A-Y and fondled by a Tranny". The "demo album" (was it ever properly released on ATOC or am I making that up? the one with Electrobix and Someone To Touch...) was really good, but then the debut already sounded a bit like self-parody, after being polished and carefully de-gay-ed... There is something Little Britain''s Only Gay Man In The Village about them.
  18. I don''t think it''s a bad pop song, and I can see it getting lots of airplay, but that video is horrendous; it looks like it cost about 20p. And if you''re going have a dance-off bit in your video, you really should think about being able to dance first...
  19. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    It''s very ''David Brent'', isn''t it!
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