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Changing albums to make them better.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by tylerc904, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. This is where you can post your version of albums with the inclusion of leaks, b-sides or free downloads etc., instead of the actual track listing on the album. Or you can rearrange the album to flow a way that you think makes it better.

    Here's one that works better to me:
    Sugababes- Three
    1. Hole In The Head
    2. Whatever Makes You Happy
    3. Nasty Ghetto
    4. Down Down
    5. Million Different Ways
    6. In The Middle
    7. Someone In My Bed
    8. Who
    9. Conversation's Over
    10. Too Lost In You
    11. Caught In A Moment
    12. Buster
    13. Colder In The Rain
    14. Sometimes

    Even though I love Maya, We Could Have It All, Twisted & Situation's Heavy, those songs I used couldn't just be b-sides. Disturbed & This Aint A Party Thing are great also.

    Chemistry by Girls Aloud is another.
  2. hmm...

    *scours Windows Media Player*

    Kelly - My December
    Great album but suffers from an odd tracklisting...Never Again should never have been the opening track (or single for that matter).

    1. One Minute
    2. Hole
    3. Judas
    4. Sober
    5. Never Again
    6. Maybe
    7. How I Feel
    8. Don't Waste Your Time
    9. Be Still
    10. Not Today
    11. Yeah
    12. Can I Have A Kiss
    13. Irvine
  3. Kelly - My December
    1. Sober



    I will think about this and make a proper one tomorrow but I just had to chip in with that!
  4. I intend to listen to it in that order tomorrow I hope you know. I haven't been able to really fall into the album yet so maybe this will help. Don't Waste Your Time & Sober are great.
  5. I don't listen to it in that order but I do think it flows better that way.
  6. I like to listen to albums in the way they were meant to, but after a while I like to change it up.
  7. I change albums all the time... I've spent so many hours trying to make Kylie's, Girls Aloud's and Sugababes' albums perfect for me. I even make my own album art if I'm in the mood...
  8. Blackout, revised by me:

    1. Gimme More (Trouble)
    2. Piece of Me
    3. Radar (Circus Version)
    4. Break The Ice (Nevins Remix)
    5. Heaven On Earth
    6. Everbody
    7. Get Naked
    8. Freakshow
    9. Toy Soldier
    10. Hot As Ice
    11. Ooh Ooh Baby
    12. Perfect Lover
    13. Get Back

    I'd just remove Voices from the end of Hard Candy because Devil Wouldn't Recognise You is the perfect 'last song' in my opinion.
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  9. I gave Chemistry some thought. See The Day was an obvious cut for me so let's pretend it was single only, and I really wanted to include those amazing b-sides & Singapore.

    1. Intro
    2. Models
    3. Biology
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Singapore
    6. Long Hot Summer
    7. Waiting
    8. Watch Me Go
    9. Crazy Fool
    10. Swinging London Town
    11. It's Magic
    12. Nobody But You
    13. Whole Lotta History

    Racey Lacey & No Regrets had to go sadly even though I love both. I Don't Really Hate You is great but there was just no other song I could cut. That is one hell of an album now.
  10. Cut the 'Intro' and pretend it's actually part of 'Models' then add 'I Don't Really Hate You'!
  11. [​IMG]

    1. Slow
    2. Red Blooded Woman
    3. Chocolate (Radio Edit)
    4. Sweet Music
    5. Still Standing
    6. On The Up
    7. Secret (Take You Home)
    8. Soul On Fire ----> It's interchangeable with any of the slower songs from Body Langauge
    9. Loving Days
    10. Promises
    11. Obsession
    12. Slo Motion
    13. Someday
  12. Britney - Blackout

    1. Get Back
    2. Gimme More
    3. Piece Of Me
    4. Freakshow
    5. Radar
    6. Get Naked
    7. Toy Soldier
    8. Hot As Fire
    9. Ooh Ooh Baby
    10. Break The Ice
    11. Perfect Lover
    12. Heaven On Earth

    Britney - Circus

    1. If U Seek Amy (fanmade tour version with long circus intro)
    2. Phonography
    3. Circus
    4. Mannequin
    5. Kill The Lights
    6. Trouble
    7. Amnesia
    8. Shattered Glass
    9. Quicksand
    10. Out From Under
    11. Unusual You
    12. Womanizer (fanmade tour version)
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  13. I was just thinking about doing Taller In More Ways by Sugababes. I love the album but I can never enjoy it in its tracklisting. So here it is:

    1. Push The Button
    2. Gotta B U
    3. It Ain't Easy
    4. Joy Division
    5. Follow Me Home
    6. Ugly
    7. Red Dress
    8. Obsession
    9. Bruised
    10. Ace Reject
    11. Now You're Gone
    12. 2 Hearts.

    'Better' had to leave, I can't bare to listen to it. 'Gotta B U' and 'Ugly' were hard to place.
  14. Well with a Dannii album that would involve stealing all her internet passwords and tracklisting the albums yourself from the very start - "what's this, you got offered With Every heartbeat?" etc.

    I tend to playlist 2 or 3 albums together most of the time
  15. Did you know, 'Singapore' was replaced last minute with 'It's Magic', which was originally just going to be a B-side (note most of the B-sides from that album-era are 'solo', this being Nicola's). The 'See The Day' CD singles had already been pressed though, hence 'Singapore' was not in turn a b-side instead and we just got 'It's Magic' again. I prefer 'It's Magic' and think 'Singapore' is a tad overrated...

    I re-did 'Tangled Up' slightly;

    01 Sexy! No No No... (From 03 to 01)
    02 Close To Love
    03 Call The Shots (From 01 to 03)
    04 Girl Overboard
    05 Can't Speak French (Radio Edit) (Single version replaces long, boring album version)
    06 Blackjacks
    07 Control Of The Knife
    08 Fling
    09 What You Crying For?
    10 I'm Falling
    11 Damn
    12 Crocodile Tears

  16. Replaces long, boring album version?


    The single version of Can't Speak French sounds tinny.
  17. I completely and totally did not know that. Was there a reason 'Singapore' was replaced with 'It's Magic'? This certainly makes sense for 'It's Magic' being an album cut and a b-side.
  18. Quite simply, everyone thought 'It's Magic' was much better, which of course it is. It's gorgeous. It's why I always thought/said of any Girls Aloud solo effort, I'd put my money on Nicola's being the best. Her vocal on it's own is beautiful.
  19. I love Nicola's vocal on It's Magic, and I agree any future solo offerings will be interesting (especially as she's my favourite Girl Aloud!) But I find It's Magic a bit yawnsome. I much prefer Singapore.

    Anyway, on the subject of Girls Aloud, here's my re-jigged Out of Control. I think it flows much better with all the 60s/organic crap at the front of the album (it only really gets interesting from track 4 IMO). I've also gotten rid of some of the deadwood (Rivers will be gone too as soon as I get my hands on It's Your Dynamite, I'm sure...)

    The Promise
    Love Is The Key
    Rolling Back The Rivers In Time
    Miss You Bow Wow
    The Loving Kind (Radio Edit)
    Love Is Pain
    Untouchable (Radio Edit)
    Memory Of You
    Turn To Stone
    Revolution In The Head
    Live In The Country
  20. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I like this a lot, Daneee! I don't Blackout should be touched though, and you know Britney would shave your head if she found out you messed with her baby.
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