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Changing albums to make them better.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by tylerc904, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. It was the other way around.
  2. Mariah should have released another type of Greatest Hits instead of the whole Infinity shebang, which was a remake of No.1's. She has enough newer hits to fill it up!


    1. We Belong Together / US 1
    2. Touch My Body / US 1
    3. Don't Forget About Us / US 1
    4. Beautiful (Featuring Miguel) / US TOP 20
    5. Obsessed / US TOP 10
    6. I Know What You Want (Featuring Busta Rhymes & Flipmode Squad) / US TOP 3
    7. Shake It Off/ US 2
    8. Loverboy / US 2
    9. It's Like That / US TOP 20
    10. U Make Me Wanna (Featuring Jadakiss) / US TOP 40
    11. Bye Bye / US TOP 20
    12. Through The Rain / INTERNATIONAL HIT, UK TOP 10
    13. Unforgettable Remix (French Montana Featuring Swae Lee & Mariah Carey) - NEW
    14. I Don't (Featuring YG) - NEW
    15. Infamous - NEW
    16. Infinity - NEW

    UK Bonus Tracks
    17. Boy (I Need You) - UK Top 20
    18. Get Your Number - UK Top 10 AA
    19. I Want To Know What Love Is - UK Top 20
    20. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Extra Festive)
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  3. Yes I know thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol.2

    4 HEY YOU
    7 TIMOR

    Now the whole approach of being "ballad-heavy" is not that certain by this masked tracklisting.
  5. Lady Gaga - Born This Way
    1. Born This Way
    2. Marry the Night
    3. Government Hooker
    4. Judas
    5. Scheiße
    6. Bloody Mary
    7. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
    8. Heavy Metal Lover
    9. You and I
    10. The Edge of Glory

    Thoughts: It struck me listening to this how nearly perfect Lady Gaga got the track listing. The only two differences I made was switching the first two tracks and trimming the album's filler. It's seriously criminal how "Born This Way" with that perfect intro didn't open the album. I know many people will be confused by the inclusion of "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" instead of songs like "Electric Chapel," but "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)," a good-to-great song, and honestly slightly better than "Electric Chapel," perfectly set the final pace into the love-filled final part. On one final note: "Heavy Metal Lover" will be a single and its music video has to include the "Judas" scene where Lady Gaga smears the lipstick gun over Norman Reedus' face. Such a perfect moment.

    A-side: Born This Way/B-side: Electric Chapel
    A-side: Marry the Night/B-side: Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
    A-side: The Edge of Glory/B-side: Fashion of His Love
    A-side: Heavy Metal Lover/B-side: Bad Kids
    A-side: You and I/B-side: Hair
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  6. That is a bloody good flow!
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  7. I'm kind of on a roll tonight.

    Britney Spears - Circus
    1. Womanizer
    2. Circus
    3. Kill the Lights
    4. Out from Under
    5. Shattered Glass
    6. Blur
    7. Rock Me In
    8. If U Seek Amy
    9. Phonography
    10. Unusual You
    11. Amnesia
    12. Quicksand

    Thoughts: I really hate frontloading albums - especially with its first four singles - but in this case, it's kind of the perfect beginning. I almost thought about placing "Amnesia" and "Quicksand" after "Shattered Glass," but I realized that "Quicksand" is the perfect closer. "I just can't say goodbye" is an intriguing finish and is reflective on Britney's position at the time. Also it would've ruined the perfect vinyl pressing my track list unintentionally set out to be. "Rock Me In" is a perfect B-side opening.

    1. A-side: Womanizer/B-side: Lace and Leather
    2. A-side: Circus/B-side: Dangerous
    3. A-side: Kill the Lights/B-side: Trouble

    A brief break to promote The Singles Collection, an important release signaling her first ten years in the business and it'll be the first time many of her early B-sides will be available for digital download.
    1. A-side: Telephone/B-side: 3

    4. A-side: Out from Under/B-side: Mannequin
    5. A-side: Unusual You/B-side: Everyday

    Now that's a comeback.
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  8. Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
    1. Hold It Against Me
    2. Scary
    3. He About to Lose Me
    4. Inside Out
    5. Trouble for Me
    6. Criminal
    7. Seal It with a Kiss
    8. Trip to Your Heart
    9. I Wanna Go
    10. Don't Keep Me Waiting
    11. Gasoline
    12. Till the World Ends

    Thoughts: I really like how this track listing tells somewhat a story. Britney's out at a club with her girlfriends and she immediately falls in love with a tall, dark and handsome stranger. She's grappling with her conflicting emotions as she has a man at home but ultimately she succumbs to her temptations. She discovers that he's a criminal, but she's perfectly fine with that. They are separated, but Britney's horny. When they meet up, she just wants to fuck. After a good night of having sex, they go out to a club and Britney gets lost in the music and dances the rest of the night away. Now I must admit something about the possess of doing this track list. I wasn't completely sure if it was going to flow well and I originally had "How I Roll" in place of "Don't Keep Me Waiting," but that absolutely did not go. I'm pretty sure the rest of the album flows nice, but that's, of course, subjective.

    A-side: Hold It Against Me/B-side: Up N' Down
    A-side: Till the World Ends/B-side: Burning Up
    A-side: I Wanna Go/B-side: How I Roll
    A-side: Inside Out/B-side: Selfish
    A-side: Seal It with a Kiss/B-side: Unbroken
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  9. Beyoncé - Beyoncé
    1. Drunk in Love
    2. Blow
    3. Partition (version w/ "Yoncé" at beginning)
    4. Jealous
    5. Haunted
    6. Mine (video version)
    7. XO
    8. 7/11
    9. ***Flawless (version w/ "Bow Down" at beginning)
    10. Blue

    Thoughts: My biggest grip with the self-titled is that both it's too long and the order is wacky. I mean, starting off the album with "Pretty Hurts" and not "Drunk in Love"? I don't know what to say, but that was certainly a choice. There are other weird mistakes made throughout the track listing that makes it an odd album to listen to. It's certainly not as perfect as Lemonade. Now there are some songs removed such as "Pretty Hurts" that are popular. Beyoncé's quality control was high here; such a clear contrast from the I Am... Sasha Fierce days. I removed the ones that wasn't the most well-received ("No Angel") as well as the ones that simply didn't make it into the album due to questions over its placing as well as the length of time. Well, I think I may clear which versions I considered here for some of the songs that did it make through. "Mine" is actually a really good song, but the album version with Drake's final verse is just too overkill. One of my pleasurable surprises is how well this album flowed. I was concerned with the flow from "XO" to "7/11" to "***Flawless" but that flowed quite well. I particularly like the upbeat "XO" after the world-weary "Mine" which makes it a perfect predecessor to "7/11." As for the singles run, I can't believe I committed the rent-a-rapper crime for "***Flawless" but the Nicki Minaj remix is more palatable for radio than the album version is. Plus I've gotta get those great album tracks that didn't make it onto the B-sides.

    A-side: Drunk in Love/B-side: Grown Woman
    A-side: Partition/B-side: Rocket
    A-side: XO/B-side: Heaven
    A-side: 7/11/B-side: Pretty Hurts
    A-side: ***Flawless (Remix)/B-side: Superpower
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  10. Witness


    Hey Hey Hey
    Chained To The Rhythm
    Swish Swish
    Miss You More
    Bon Appétit
    Mind Maze
    Save As Draft
    Act My Age

    Deluxe Edition:


    Hey Hey Hey
    Chained To The Rhythm
    Swish Swish
    Miss You More
    Bon Appétit
    Mind Maze
    Save As Draft
    Act My Age
    Déjá Vu*
    Bigger Than Me *

    Power (Japan Bonus)

    - I love the whole Witness album, but it's a case of over-egging the pudding and some of the great songs get lost. So my tracklist is short but sweet, focusing on the strongest tracks and a more cohesive sound. 'Power' sounds so out of place on the main album, as a Japanese bonus track is can have it's own special place.
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  11. Britney Spears - Glory
    1. Invitation
    2. Make Me...
    3. Man on the Moon
    4. Just Luv Me
    5. Coupure Électrique
    6. Do You Wanna Come Over?
    7. Slumber Party (w/ Tinashe)
    8. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
    9. Better
    10. Love Me Down
    11. If I'm Dancing
    12. Hard to Forget Ya

    Thoughts: Over countless listens, I absolutely had a plan on how the album would map out. I'm happy to say that it worked. "Slumber Party" is, of course, the single version with Tinashe. On the single sides, I still don't think "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" will be a hit but more videos from Britney this era, the better. Oh, speaking of singles, this era wouldn't be such a debacle and everything would've gone to my plan.


    A-side: Make Me.../B-side: Clumsy
    A-side: Do You Wanna Come Over?/B-side: Just Like Me
    A-side: Slumber Party/B-side: Mood Ring
    A-side: Man on the Moon/B-side: Liar
    A-side: If I'm Dancing/B-side: Private Show
    A-side: Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)/B-side: What You Need
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  12. Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics
    1. Back in the Day
    2. I Got Trouble
    3. Ain't No Other Man
    4. Candyman
    5. Slow Down Baby
    6. Makes Me Wanna Pray
    7. Oh Mother
    8. Understand
    9. Hurt
    10. Save Me from Myself
    11. Here to Stay
    12. The Right Man

    Thoughts: This was, as Christina herself has said many times, inspired by jazz music. That's why it's only fitting to start the album off with "Back in the Day," a sort of ode to the olden days. Follow that directly with "I Got Trouble," a song that sounds like a Billie Holiday recording, and really starts the motion with lyrics "I'm nothing but trouble, babe/Not since the day I was born." Next comes the quadruple punch of the feeling of being head-over-heels in love. But, hold on, Ms. Aguilera has reservations about her newfound love and uses this time to think about her past ("Oh Mother") and pleas with her newfound love ("Understand") to realize that she's troubled but she loves him nonetheless. After a slight fall with "Hurt," her man has saved her from herself, giving her confidence ("Here to Stay"). The album closes with them getting married. I like that track listing, not only because it flows well, but because this is where Christina Aguilera was at this stage in her life. Interestingly, this is similar to Stripped where Xtina has forged a great and obvious vision for her project, but allows herself to sabotage the project with excessive amount of tracks, an idiotic double album idea, and the simple fact that she likes to shove three notes for each note she sings. This way, I think that if Christina had sang properly, and I think she'd be closer to Lady Gaga and would've been so good, this would literally be praised as one of the best albums of the decade. But, alas, it wasn't to be. Truly one of those pop stars with the most potential and usually ends up disappointing me.

    A-side: Ain't No Other Man/B-side: Nasty Naughty Boy
    A-side: Candyman/B-side: Mercy on Me
    A-side: Hurt/B-side: Without You
    A-side: Slow Down Baby/B-side: Still Dirrty
    A-side: Save Me from Myself/B-side: On Our Way
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  13. Christina Aguilera - Bionic
    1. Bionic
    2. Woohoo
    3. Desnudate
    4. Prima Donna
    5. Not Myself Tonight
    6. Monday Morning
    7. Elastic Love
    8. Birds of Prey
    9. You Lost Me
    10. All I Need
    11. Little Dreamer
    12. Lift Me Up

    Thoughts: I really enjoyed this album a lot as a whole even in its original format for some odd reason. The track listing is hopelessly scattershot, really verging the entire album off the rails. Bionic, more so than Stripped or Back to Basics, needed its filler tracks cut out and to be reorganized into a cohesive album. I believe I did that. I like starting it off with "Bionic" to "Not Myself Tonight" where Xtina's this crazy, horny party girl, but with more assured self confidence, comes greater struggle as each track unfolds. "Monday Morning" is this brief interlude into the next chapter, but it's a definite foreshadow into the album's dark half while remaining completely relevant to the previous five tracks. For while, Xtina's partying like mad, her relationship is in deep trouble, and eventually it just snaps. This drama lies out in three tracks: "Elastic Love," "Birds of Prey" and "You Lost Me." Of course, Xtina's struggling moving on and find solace with her child ("All I Need" and "Little Dreamer"). After a while, while being down in the pits, Christina is optimistic with "Lift Me Up." I really liked how this way the album went from one spectrum into the other. It's quite a harrowing record, and the second half especially becomes poignant when we find out Christina was having marital issues around this time. I really liked this album a lot, too, and have always felt that it was unnecessarily paid total dust at the end.

    A-side: Bionic/B-side: Vanity
    A-side: Woohoo/B-side: Bobblehead
    A-side: You Lost Me/B-side: Stronger Than Ever
    A-side: Monday Morning/B-side: Glam
    A-side: Not Myself Tonight/B-side: My Girls
    A-side: Little Dreamer/B-side: I Am
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  14. Witness:
    1. Witness
    2. Hey Hey Hey
    3. Swish Siwsh
    4. Roulette
    5. Bon Appétit
    6. Power
    7. Chained to the Rhythm
    8. Tsunami
    9. Bigger Than Me
    10. Act My Age
    11. Miss You More
    12. Pendulum

    1. Bionic
    2. Not Myself Tonight
    3. Woohoo
    4. Desnudate
    5. Elastic Love
    6. Monday Morning
    7. Lift Me Up
    8. I Am
    9. You Lost Me
    10. Birds of Prey
    11. Vanity
    12. Little Dreamer
  15. These two don't make sense next to each other. How can you go from such a cocky song to a sweet song like that? I know her son says "You do, Mommy" at the end of "Vanity" but it's not a good transition into "Little Dreamer."
  16. Really loving The Witness Monster.

    01 Hey Hey Hey
    02 Roulette
    03 Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    04 Deja Vu
    05 Chained to the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)
    06 Bon Appetit (feat. Migos)
    07 Bigger Than Me
    08 Tsunami
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  17. Nadine Coyle - Insatiable
    1. Put Your Hands Up
    2. Insatiable
    3. Runnin'
    4. Chained
    5. My Sexy Love Affair
    6. Lullaby
    7. Rumors

    1. Heartbeat song
    2. War paint
    3. Invincible - Tom Swoon Radio Mix
    4. Second wind - Cheat Codes Remix
    5. Piece by piece - Radio Mix
    6. Let your tears fall
    7. Dance with me
    8. Nostalgic
    9. Good goes the bye
    10. In the blue
    11. Someone
    12. Take you high

    There you go, a delish crystalline pop album from start to end.
  19. Taylor Swift | reputation
    1. Dress
    2. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    3. So It Goes...
    4. New Year’s Day
    5. End Game
    6. Delicate
    7. Getaway Car
    8. Look What You Made Me Do
    9. King of My Heart
    10. ...Ready For It?
    11. Call It What You Want
    12. Gorgeous (Bonus Track)
  20. CTRL

    1. Supermodel
    2. Love Galore
    3. Drew Barrymore
    4. Prom
    5. The Weekend
    6. Normal Girl
    7. Go Gina
    8. Anything
    9. Garden (Say It Like Dat)
    10. 20 Something

    Instant classic.
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