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Changing albums to make them better.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by tylerc, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. A few likely-controversial cuts were made, but I think I want to try this tracklist out. "God Control" would have also been a perfect closer, but after knowing all the songs, I know I couldn't wait until the end to hear it.

    Madame X

    01. "God Control"
    02. "Medellin" feat. Maluma
    03. "Crazy"
    04. "Future" (without Quavo)
    05. "Come Alive"
    06. "Faz Gostoso" feat. Anitta
    07. "Killers Who Are Partying"
    08. "I Don't Search, I Find"
    09. "Funana"
    10. "Dark Ballet"
    11. "Ciao Bella"
  2. Bilingual - Pet Shop Boys.


    1. Single
    2. Before
    3. How I learned to hate rock 'n' roll
    4. Delusions of grandeur
    5. Discoteca
    6. Paninaro '95
    7. To step aside
    8. The view from your balcony
    9. Se a vida é (That's the way life is)
    10. A red letter day (single remix)
    11. It always comes as a surprise
    Hidden track - Disco potential

    Couldn't wait to offload Electricity, Metamorphosis, Up against it and Saturday Night Forever. Although I do like The Survivors I do feel it's a bit parochial and on the nose for Bilingual. I feel the album has more body now (like well groomed 80s hair), and a far better flow.

    Be interested to know what you think @DominoDancing
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  3. Christina Aguilera - Bionic

    1. Bionic
    2. Elastic Love
    3. Monday Morning
    4. Bobblehead
    5. My Girls
    6. Birds Of Prey
    7. Woohoo
    8. Not Myself Tonight
    9. Desnudate
    10. Glam
    11. Prima Donna
    12. Vanity

    Mostly got rid of all the ballads, and put songs that are produced by the same people next to each other.
  4. Why would you get rid of one of Christina's best ballads? You Lost Me.
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  5. Has anyone rearranged ANTI to make the bonus tracks fit better (+possibly the prerelease tracks) ? Love Sex With Me but it don't belong as a closer
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