Chappell Roan - "Good Luck, Babe!" + 2nd Album

It's like the stars are aligning and she's set to be huge. Everything's clicking and is supported by genuinely great music. Her sense of theatricality, her hunger and charisma when performing, crafting 10/10 songs like 'Good Luck, Babe!'... she's taking it, and is beautiful to see!

I want to echo all of your references, I hear them too! The Gwen melody in the chorus, the Allie X vocals, and that certain anachronic Marina approach to the music and delivery - it makes me so happy! I would love it if Miss Diamandis and her collaborated, something beautiful could come out of it - and hopefully Chappell helps edit the Rupi Kaurisms out of the lyrics.
It's been a long time since an artist's profile has broken through like this. In the past week or so, everyone's started talking about her? Olivia had Drivers License, but this feels like her name catching on rather than one hit.
There seems to be a major appetite right now for fresh, new(ish) artists to breakthrough. I'm definitely one of those people excited to see all these newer artists taking off. We need some fresh voices.

She and Sabrina, who is by no means new, but finally receiving her long awaited flowers, seem the most likely to ride that wave and become huge this year. Guess time will tell.
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It looks like she might enter the US Spotify top ten today? It's a shame that Hurricane Taylor hits literally the next day, but even that would be huge for her.

EDIT: She's up to 6! Hopefully this gets her a bit more of a push overall, Good Luck Babe definitely has held up through me absolutely rinsing it, so I could see it having decent longevity.
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