Charli XCX - Brat

Is it annoying and pretentious if it works?

Yes, but we love it.
Oh, yeah. I was laughing because, I don't know when the interview was done exactly, but I saw those exact comments on my timeline today about her being "late" on the green trend, it being an ugly shade, and the obvious "I could have done this in 5 minutes". And of course fans begging for her to be on the cover. Like, she nailed it on the head if this interview was done prior to the reveal. But also the level of legit self analysis and bullshitting is what I love from pop stars, because it's the same way we talk about stuff on here when the girls do something exciting.
I’ve never been particularly impressed by Charli’s videography. Like, it’s serviceable and there are some genuinely arresting moments (Vroom Vroom at the apex, of course) but this one really just nails the brief. Easily one of her best and something about her obsession with cars now morphing into her fucking with planes just makes sense.
Well, she's right about one thing: This is my number one in terms of her best music videos. This rightfully sits alongside the videos for "Good Ones," "Vroom Vroom," and "Gone." She really deserves some more budget tossed her way if this is the output. It even heightened the song for me. I love when a well-crafted video sells a chune!
#1 and the picture of around eight New Music Friday playlists worldwide including UK and US!?!

Happily surprised the label splashed out so much cash and confidence into what really isn’t a ‘commercial’ lead - was that renewed contract signed in blood?
I don't really see myself listening to the song without watching the video but since the video's so great I guess I will listen plenty of times! I hope the next single is slightly less annoying.
The song plays all its cards within 40 seconds but it still pops off.
The accuracy.

I like how her schtick now is being bratty and not making a song longer than 3 minutes to let it breathe and build.

But I’ve watched the videos 8 times now and it works. I’m stanning.