Charli XCX - Brat

Conflicted! Charli has always been in my top artists since the mixtape days and there’s something really special about the smaller venues she’s played that I’ve always loved more. I know she’s been aiming to do arenas - proud of her for pulling this off. Though I can’t say it’s the clearest vision for me to see. Troyes latest projects have been very elevated for him as an artist so he could pull off a great setlist, but can’t see it working in an arena setting 100%? Though I can see it making more sense if the choreography is blended and there’s more dancers. Excited for Charli because I think she has the capacity to aim high, and she has fantastic stage presence.

I’ll be there, it just seems a bit inorganic to have them together in a way? Thrilled she’s touring either way. She puts on a show!
I’ve never been to a tour with joint headliners, is it usually one does a full set then the other or do they do like an act each?
Sick of artists being cripplingly allergic to coming to Vancouver because our venues are shite. Might just fuck around and daytrip across the border to see Charli and Shygirl.
The thought of “visions” blowing the top of Nationwide clear off. Need!

I don’t really have a hypothetical setlist til we hear the album but “visions”, “1999 (EASYFUN Remix)”, “Selfish Girl” and “Focus” are all essentials!