Charli XCX - Brat

The way I've just bought my third copy of Brat... I need to be stopped.

Managed to bag a signed pink splatter.
So Blood Records posted a photo of the vinyl yesterday and accidentally leaked some of the lyrics for “Sympathy is a knife” in the process.


Here’s the Boiler Room edit

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Sympathy is my most anticipated song on the album. The bridge/outro has that anxious desperate energy which reminds me of Gone and Party 4 U.

Also, I really hope the Boiler Room set ends up on streaming, but I’m guessing that won’t happen til after the album releases.
I'm actually kinda shook we're only two weeks away now. I'm feeling the hype in a way that I did for how i'm feeling now so I'm beyond ready. Really wish I hadn't snuck a listen of "Talk talk" but from what I can remember, bop!