Charli XCX - Brat

When she sings about George it's meh...
When she sings about her relationships with other people, it's amazing
@CharliXCX this one is a shoe in for the BRAT tour setlist. Mean Girls is begging for a mashup with it!!!

Ugh I stan this G Rated alt-XCX World moment
Obsessed with what is happening melodically on I was so lost in my head / I tried to starve myself thinner / I never thought for a second. So beautiful!

Also, the final chorus (and the second repetition with Charli's added harmony of Girl, how do you feel being a girl?) is as close to perfection as pop songs get.
She misconstructed and redefined what it meant to convey and obtain the concupiscent anomalistic showing us that idiosyncratic is ebulliently inevitable while simultaneously substantiating the superiority of women .
I agree with every word of this. But don't forget that she also engaged in the uncomfortable proximity of praxis and fantasy, showing that woman is dual and multi-faceted, creating a permanence that's not achieved through a surface reading and exhibition of the binaristic Zeitgeist that is forced to submit to, what, in laysman's parlance, is reffered to as "cuntiness" or "pure cunt." Considering this, I must declare that the track is one of the best on the collection of dance-oriented audio-poems, or rather, songs.