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Charli XCX - Charli (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Trapped in the fiery internet restricted purgatory of Dubai
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  2. @aaronhansome @Island Flunties meet-up??
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  3. Chris and Charli really did that, huh? Gone is a triumph from start to finish. I understand the points about wanting one final balls to the wall chorus, but they really spoiled us by doubling up all of the choruses in the first place.
  4. Which date? The Atlanta one??
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  5. I just saw there was no Florida date so our only choice is to re-enact the Gone video. I'll be the car.
  6. Lmao I was like what is he talking about? Like I’m down to go to ATL all day but we would have to plan.
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  7. *spillett voice* what does One Mo’ Gen why do we keep when the water runs mean?
  8. It’s grown on me. I need to see the video.
  9. I know this will make people cackle, but it's very Girls Aloud to me in that way dddd
  10. I just love the middle 8 that comes before the frantic bop city breakdown. It feels like all pain and tension expressed in the song melts away in that moment the beat settles and Charli coos in the background, "Why do we keep when the wonder runs?"
  11. I'm curious to know how everyone interprets it. To me it's like, why do we hold on to the negative thoughts and feelings that flow through us, instead of releasing them?
  12. I through the same when I heard it. The ass-kicking production and melodies outweighs the cryptic lyrics.
    If the lyric is not an example of a GA/Xenomania toss away at meaning... they mention watching ice melt in their fist. Why do we stay when the water runs would make much more sense and is how I interpret it if I care.
  13. See ya there xx
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  14. For me:
    Why do we keep lusting and loving someone even though the flame has died and it’s not working anymore.
  15. It's basically asking yourself why do you stay in denial when the inevitable has already happened / is happening.
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  16. Me every morning as I play GONE.mp3 realizing if I could have just waited a year for my XCX rate I could have included both the iconic monthly drops AND her mythical third studio album

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  17. We can always have a re-do!
  18. I love her so much
  19. I'm excited for a "stripped" version of Gone.
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