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Charli XCX - Charli (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. She also said she was a top 15 pop star and I was like ... girl.
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  2. Great lyrics, great vocals, great production. It's a fantastic song through and through. I'd take it as the setlist dead horse over I Love It any day.

    The GP had taste that one time and I've never understood the fan resentment towards it.
  3. I thought Charli was pretty "proud" of I Love It being successful and mentioned being annoyed that she didn't get "enough credit" over it. Performing it as her song must be fullfiling.

    Boom Clap is an interesting take that I'm not sure how she feels about. And Spicy... she probably enjoys it and will drop after the season\festival tour ends. The upcoming world-tour on the other hand will be iconic for sure since she'll probably have time to do setlist from scratch and will be able to focus on fan-favorite material.
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  4. Be thankful she finally gave Fancy the chop
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  5. The characters are discussing a presidency campaign announcement and they end the conversation with:

  6. We love a relevant queen.
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  7. Just got back from seeing Charli at Pitchfork. Vroom Vroom got by far the strongest crowd reaction with Track 10/Blame It On Your Love and Unlock It right behind. I was super proud to see nearly everyone stop bopping during Spicy, most of the stans seemed offended it made the set list especially over No Angel (the most egregious omission). Girls Night Out also kind of flopped live; it felt flat and no one really got into it.

    Bringing Cupcakke out was pretty expected but still a life-changing moment, and it was so great seeing her doing well.

    Right before she ended on 1999, she asked us to scream if she is "one of the top 50 popstars in the world." Sometimes it hits me that behind all the bravado and irony she's still insecure, and it's both charming and a bit sad. I'm so proud of her for putting on an incredible set with really strong material, and I hope she feels the same.
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  8. "Lucky" was the track that I would've cut and replaced with "3AM (Pull Up)," "Delicious" or "Femmebot."
    I thought that she said Top 50. Our arrogant, but humble fave.
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  9. Yeah, Lucky kinda flopped when I saw her live. I wish she would rework some True Romance or Sucker tracks for a medley or something.
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  10. It's homophobic that she's not performed 3am (Pull Up) since October.

    I wonder whether the tour setlist will be heavy on Charli or will give equal weighting to Number 1 Angel and Pop2 too?
  11. I have a feeling she's gonna do N1A dirty. As long as 3AM, Unlock It, Femmebot, Vroom Vroom and Girls Night Out are included on the setlist i'll be happy.
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  12. 2014

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    Wow this is dire.
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  13. Spicy would be infinitely better if they just added the actual chorus over the drop. It literally fits perfectly, they just have to cut and paste a couple of vocals.
  14. Who hurt you? There’s only one song in that setlist that you could argue was dire
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  15. This is literally bop after bop after bop after toilet break for 'Spicy' after bop
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  16. Can Charli drive a stake through Spicy’s heart and defeat the evil, please?
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    Yes there’s bops and I get she’s not going to go for True Romance or some of the more ~obscure songs from her mixtapes, but it’s basically a Kidz Bop version of a Charli setlist. I Love It bangs but still having to include that seems...unfortunate.
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  18. At least there’s no Boom Clap, finally.
  19. Sis she did Lucky, that’s basically one of the most obscure, deep cut from her mixtapes
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