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Charli XCX - Charli (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. So excluding 1999 I guess we're getting one more single before September...? Blame It On Your Love in June, Gone in July and 2099 in August (since she already shot the cover with Troye).
  2. Purely judging on the live version I'd say 2099 is more likely just going to be a promo single if anything. She said White Mercedes will be a single so maybe that will be pushed around the time of the album?
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  3. This thread on September 13th
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  4. Her dedication to not releasing on Fridays is admirable.
  5. A true rebel. Plot twist: the SUCKER era never ended.
  6. I could have watch more of that for another 20min. I didn't want it to end.

    Also what is the name of this remix?

  7. I use this mix so much that I've almost forgotten it's not the main version. No Jay Park!
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  8. I am grateful that we have an album release date, tracklisting, amazing album cover but goodness gracious me, September seems so far away. I've heard that song with her and Christine back in May live and I need to hear it again, NOT THE LIVE VERSION.

    She's the queen of edging.
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  9. It's coming in two-three days.
  10. Yeah but that's just ONE song Dad, I need the alberm experience.
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  11. The whole thing was that Charli really got into Bad Gyal's dancehall infused music. They really have similar soundscapes, so of course Charli said how she'd love to work with her, commenting on her Insta and saying how she had her Worldwide Angel mixtape on repeat.

    In an interview, Bad Gyal was asked about Charli and she said that "I care about Jamaica, not Charli XCX. I'll be honest: I haven't listened to her. She seems super nice, and I thanked her. There's no bad blood, but it's just not what I listen to." So of course the gays went all crazy, and created this non-existing beef that's apparently solved now. And I truly believe Bad Gyal thought Charli was just the Boom Clap singer and "nothing else", because they have a lot in common.
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  12. Okay without context this made me laugh.
  13. That beat sounds like absolute fire.
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  14. It appears her song with Lil Peep might be released this year
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  15. Azealia Banks opened her big dumb mouth again.
  16. Wait, she’s having a meltdown because Charli is working with Brooke Candy of all people?

    Like PC Music is inspired by early naughties rave culture
  17. I just lost a few braincells reading that.
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  18. ...........

    She’s shitting on Kelela, Solange, Dawn Richard and SZA in the comments too. Sis.
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