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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

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  2. The article seems to speculate she’ll keep up the monthly singles more than anything.
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  3. I fucking RAN... and there's no release date, no title, and absolutely no album confirmation. The article says it's just single drops
  4. Hasn't she been on those kind of lists for the last 3 years or so? This isn't gonna happen.
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  5. This thread is honestly triggering.
  6. You just jinxed her.
  7. I'm not dragging you for making the thread of even anybody for wanting the third album (because pretty much everyone that appreciates her last two projects wants it) but it bares repeating that... she basically put out two fucking albums last year.

    There's a plethora of girls in worse positions and with decidedly less fresh material than Charli who can't boast the same benefit she's continued to boast both last year with two - fuck it - ALBUMS and monthly releases all throughout 2018. It's almost like it's become such a Holy Grail that people are sort of blind to the fact that she's actually releasing music at a commendably prolific rate.

    Like, I get that the poltics surrounding her artistry is a little bit exhausting but hit up the die-hards making their DIY copies of XCX World if you need it that much and celebrate her commitment and relative freedom if not. She's found her way around it and you're getting the music either way.
  8. A Rita Ora tea. Charli has 4 more years to wait x
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  9. Charli XCX - Taxi (single) and 3rd studio album
  10. Okay but can we do that now please?
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  12. Waiting for a non-fan to come in and ask if she’ll ever release another Sucker.
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  13. When I tell you my heart LEPT when I saw this thread title, thinking something had been confirmed, that it was actually finally happening...I mean, I get why you made the thread I guess and I’m trying really hard not to hold it against you but

  14. I’d say I can’t wait but I know I’ll have to so...
  15. Me bopping my way into this thread for a concrete date for 1999 and the album to find this.

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  16. Sam


    she’s coming

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  17. Not even calling it 'new' music haha!
  18. Please happen. Please.
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  19. "some" music hmm... But she's a troll so she would probably say 'some' can mean 'just one'.
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