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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Lipgloss was a worthy winner though.
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  2. Of course I like Lipgloss, but I don't think it should've won by any stretch. I actually think a good chunk of Number 1 Angel is better.
  3. Like, it’s a great song, but the best Charli track? Nah son
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  4. I mean it certainly isn't my ALL TIME favorite, but there's never a time when I regret giving it the 10/10 it deserves, ya feel me?
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  5. Isn't Vroom Vroom her best song?

    The moment PC MUSIC collided with CHARLI WORLD, no?
  6. Her best song is "Unlock It" (Jay Park-less version) and that's that.
  7. Yeah, ‘Lipgloss’ is great but it lowkey doesn’t need to be bothering the Top 10 this time around.
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  8. I am disgusted that Lipgloss won
  9. I still remember hearing Vroom Vroom for the first time from a phone recording of a SOPHIE DJ set on someone's google drive and I was trembling. A moment.
  10. The best Charli XCX song, you ask?

    Cause it feels like I am falling through the CLOOOOUUUUDS
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Lipgloss is great but it’s basically Cupcakke’s song which is why I wouldn’t want it to win the rate.
  12. “Delicious” should do much better a second time round now that everyone likes it properly dddd. Rightfully so.
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  13. Lipgloss is amazing and the outro is weascending.jpeg but it feels like an odd winner.
  14. Lipgloss remain the best Parti XCX track.
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  15. Babygirl is my favourite on Number 1 Angel. With my angel wings and Fiorucci jeans and We could play rough, make your blood rush, velveteen brush are such delicious lyrics.

    Uffie does kind of steal the whole song, despite being on it for like 3 seconds ddd...
  16. Uffie’s Babygirl verse is so perfectly obnoxious in the way only she can be, and I love it.

    gLoSs oN mY LiPs PoP
    SuN iN mY eYyYyYEz
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  17. "Lipgloss" won the rate?!

    How... wrong.
  18. All I know is y’all better not do True Romance dirty.
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  19. Vroom Vroom crashing out at 9 in the rate and placing below Superlove, Lipgloss, and ILY2.
  20. Lock You Up barely making it into the top 20 instead of being in the top 5 like she deserved

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