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Doing It
Boom Clap
Caught In The Middle
Doing It - A G Cook Remix
Need Ur Luv

My Sucker EP.

I really can't stand the bratty pop punk tracks at all anymore. I used to have time for the title track, Breaking Up, and Gold Coins, but I don't return to anything from that era anymore except the above tracks. It's an album that was pulled in 5 different directions and ended up sounding like such an outlier in her discography. True Romance - Vroom Vroom - Number 1 Angel - Pop 2 just makes so much more sense. Although the Sucker era had to happen for us to get where we are now I suppose!
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Sucker was the sound of me jumping off the train entirely. I even thought True Romance was a cute girl at best with great highs and was definition of a 'promising start'. I wanted her to just go for it but everything felt held back.

ATA/Vroom Vroom (7/10 moments but intriguing) into N1A/P2 was a return to form I couldn't have anticipated.
True Romance and Vroom Vroom are both good but nothing on Number 1 Angel and certainly not Pop 2. That’s the tea.
Between this and Yoü and I being your favorite Gaga song/single, I–

Yoü and I is iconic, one of her best singles categorically, though I totally accept why people would prefer like... Beautiful Dirty Rich or whatever relative basic bops instead. We can’t all be blessed with bumpkin ears.
You (Ha Ha Ha) is still an absolute moment.

Once when I was working at my first job in a design studio and in charge of the playlist for the afternoon, this song came on and my straight co-worker got so excited cause he thought I was into Gold Panda ('You (Ha Ha Ha)' heavily samples his song "You"). I will never forget his look of utter contempt and disappointment when he realized it was a ~commercial~ version of the track.

Pop Justice!
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