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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. *In my RJF voice* gay
  2. What did the deleted tweets say? I’m so mad I took a nap and missed the announcement ddd
  3. Wow imagine not recognising one of the best pop albums of the last two decades
  4. I’m not surprised by that at all
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  5. Nothing In This World ha impact lives on!
  6. A friend went to a listening party today in Sydney where she played "2099," "Next Level Charli" and "Click." And they confirmed that "Next Level Charli" is not an updated "Come To My Party."
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  7. I hate your friend.
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  8. Ya'll should hate yourselves for believing it was in the first place.
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  10. I hate Charlie.
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  11. Hard to fathom having Come To My Party, Can You Hear Me, and Taxi (I KNOW) in your arsenal and them not seeing the light of day.
  12. Looks like someone's water is about to run OUT't.
  13. Why do we fleet when the water runs
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  14. Me in an interview:

    She hates everyone so much I love her.
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  15. Oh she was NOT feeling that.
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  16. Charles being chronically unable to feign interest and enthusiasm is the thing I relate to the most about her.
  17. Scream someone else is impatient for new Lorde.
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  18. She acts exactly how I do when people I don't know try talking to me, never change Charles
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  19. I'm wondering so much about 2099 - is it going to sound like 1999 in terms of production and structure and act like a sequel, or like a completely different track. So intrigued.
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