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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Her sleep deprivation and inability to fake nice is such a mood.
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  2. Nothing will beat when she was hungover and fell asleep during Sunday Brunch. Queen!
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  3. HOLD ME

    Also re: that video of her talking about Lorde, I see she forgot there’s photographic evidence of being in the studio with her and Carly back in 2017. Only the Dory of pop!
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  4. Oh wow... oh WOW.
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  5. aux


    Ladies, we're in for a banger.
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  6. And to think this has more or less been about SEVEN YEARS in the making...
    release-phobic solidarity won!
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  7. It sound like a mid-80’s Belinda style Banger...

    My body is ready!
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  8. Were they at the studio together too though? Weren't the three of them just photographed at Jack Antonoff's Ally Coalition fundraiser? Lorde's tweet about it is gone, but the pic is still out there. Charli and Carly hung out later in the studio with Justin Raisen tho, still miffed that didn't make Dedicated.

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  9. Oh mess. I thought it was a studio picture but I guess the background was just difficult to make out ddd
  10. I've just realised that even if there's another promo single between Cross You Out and the album, we'll still have a full 10 new tracks to look forward to on release day!

    Also now it's confirmed it's not Next Level Charli: hackers leak Come To My Party in HQ
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  11. *ascends to Sky's vocals in the last two seconds of that clip*
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  12. My wig found going uphill into excitement
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  13. We going *plane emoji* uphill into a banger.
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  14. Between Downhill Lullaby, Guardian leaking, the new live song, and Cross You Out, the Sky stans are enjoying a light but nutritious snack!

    I like that it's apparently carrying the 80s vibe from Gone.
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  15. 6FCFDEE8-E6FC-424E-9632-6922177E6D92.jpeg
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  16. This sounds as the perfect middle ground between current Charli and True Romance Charli, another song of the year etc



    She was so annoyed, I'm cackling!
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  17. You gotta be fucking KIDDING ME>
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