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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Song sounds like an 80s bop cause it was probably recorded then but we could. not. care. less.

    IT'z a hit.
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  2. You know what... bye.
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  3. Hoi gois I'm listening to forgotten non-album sort-of-single OMG by forgotten popstress Camila Cabello and honestly... it's one of Charlotte's better giveaways. I've always stanned that blissed out slurry vocal (I ken that's how Camila sings anyway but still)
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  4. Whew the brief bit of Sky in the clip.
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  5. Sky's vocals at the end of that clip sound incredible. I can't wait to hear the full thing.
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  6. From the snippet it's really reassuring how it sounds like a pretty natural bridge between Gone and 1999 sonically.
  7. please have a drum break please have a drum break please have a drum break
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  8. I wonder if she was actually annoyed in that interview or if she's just triggered every time she hears the word "collab"?
  9. Another relatable banger that I can soothe my anxiety to while bopping? Wig!

    I also hope there is a music video proper coming, though it's never prudent to expect too much from Sky ddd.
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  10. "We are an ICONIC duo tbh."

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  11. I love Charli and all her boasting that always comes across as if she's trying to convince herself as she's boasting.
  12. Self-motivational queen. No wonder she's the Number 1 Angel.
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  13. This is sending me.
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  14. Wow Sky looks just like Beautiful Stranger era Madonna there
  15. ew, Grimes would
  16. They are...the mothers I never had. They are...the sisters everybody would want. They are the friends that everybody deserves. I don't know a better duo. I don't know a better duo.
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  17. One of the best songs I've ever seen, I really want to meet you, And Maybe be part of your songs, I see these songs of your at least 7 times a day. Hope you get more wrap and maybe an of the best singers, Even knowing that you won't see my message I'm telling the whole truth, If you see and want to give a heart and see that you gave, I will be very happy, Now I have to go, Believe you will grow a lot and become very famous. best singers of life. Bye!
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  18. I'm so fucking hyped for this album!
  19. What's in these muffins?
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