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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. I think the issue is she invests herself emotionally in what her hardcore fans think a lot more than others since they are basically her whole career (artist-project wise).

    I do think Charli fans can be a bit entitled but complaining about a setlist is totally fair-game, though of course I can imagine it would be upsetting for her to see en masse. Hopefully she is able to have a more positive outlook on the situation when she wakes up. I do feel bad for her.

    I think calling for her to get off Twitter is a bit unjustified? She already confirmed that last incident was not due to fan comments about 1999/2099 and was just a personal thing.
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  2. It’s just how stans in general act, making “edgy” and hyperbolic comments they think their fave won’t ever see or respond to, even though the whole act is a cry for attention. And yes, it’s deeply corny and unfunny.
  3. She never came here, this are totally a one world country problems.
  4. Charli honey, these are the times I need you to channel the badgirlRIRI energy and deliver your own well don't come moment.

    Fuck these ungrateful stans. Be more like Rihanna.
  5. She should perform the Fancy hook on loop for 90 minutes. That will teach those ungrateful, entitled turds.

    She should follow Gaga's lead and distance herself from her toxic fans.
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  6. I really can’t believe people are this mad about her setlist, and that she had to see complaints and is now commenting on it. She is on a headlining tour for the first time in years, making the music she wants, and has been feeding us constantly since the mixtapes were released — not to mention all the leaks.

    I was at the show tonight and her energy was fucking incredible. The crowd went insane for every song — even the ballads. She had a couple of lyrical goofs but she shook it off and swiftly moved on. All these people on twitter complaining makes me sick and I have nothing to do with her artistry.

    I will say there was a lull during the run of ballads but she was fulling feeling herself, and afterward she took a minute to ask if they killed the momentum of the show, so clearly she is aware because of her anxiety that some stans would be upset/acting childish etc. Maybe she will shuffle up some of these in the setlist?

    There were some great moments at the show and I for one am glad she is touring this incredible album. I was a little disappointed she didn’t perform any of the songs from the mixtape but it doesn’t mean I have to drag her and say mean things when I know she’s not doing it maliciously? We been knew she moves on from older material quickly. I’m proud of her for doing what she wants because she is a visionary and it has worked out well for her thus far.

    Some of these stans need to sit there and be grateful for the food she’s been serving. I truly hope she’s okay.
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  7. Are some fans too harsh? Of course. But to object any critique of her setlist is ridiculous.

    I mean I know if it was The Circus Tour but if Britney came out performinh My Baby and Mmm Papi when Get Naked, Piece Of Me and Hot As Ice were RIGHT THERE I'm sure people would have had something to say regardless of what had happened.
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  8. This is what I meant, it's not hard to go from 'choke me daddy', 'MOM!!', 'Charli step off my neck' and 'I want Nick Jonas to destroy me' to 'I hope Charli cries all night because setlist' and 'burning my tickets' if hyperbolic drama is your brand. The key is to avoid reading them or taking them seriously if you're Charli.
  9. She reaaaally needs to log off. It's not realistic to expect complete approval on everything - some of the comments are harsh / rude but that's just how stans are, and there's no reason to guilt trip your fanbase on the first night of a tour that I'm sure everyone in attendance loved. Like, be proud of your work and keep it pushing, sis.
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  10. I got to see Charli do ‘I Want It That Way’ back in 2013 at an indie record shop I’ll never complain about what songs she does ever again.
  11. Exactly, and it's normal for artists to see what works or what doesn't on the first couple shows and shuffle things around. Carly was literally changing her setlist around all tour, and she added certain songs fans were vocal about wanting to hear. It doesn't have to be this big thing.
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  12. I think the difference between the two is that Charli believes she knows best and is therefore shocked at this reaction. I don’t believe she’ll change much or even any of the setlist solely to prove a point.
  13. She's certainly replaced Ari as the number one artist who needs to log off.

    That being said.

    Fucking NOTHING from Pop 2??????

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  14. RJF


    Like, if y’all were at the 3.5 shows she did for the last album, one of the random festival appearances, or that time she performed in a Target car park, great. 99% of people weren’t as lucky.
  15. That setlist isn't probably set in stone, but I hope she makes good use of her opening acts at the very least. Like, dragging Dorian Electra all throughout Europe and not doing Femmebot would be a huge mistake.
  16. For someone who stays so close to her fans the setlist is definitely very out of touch. I also don’t understand for whom is the encore supposed to be for - certainly not for the GP she basically said ‘fuck off’ to in previous 14 songs of the setlist.
    I just wanted to experience ‘Focus’ or ‘Girls Night Out’ live.
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  17. New encore: Girls and Spicy.
  18. She basically pulled a Taylor Swift with that set list dddd.

    I feel bad that she's getting dragged for it & that it legitimately hurt her feelings but completely ignoring almost everything outside of this new album when it's the first real tour she's done in years is... wow. Not that I won't lose my mind by hearing the entirety of Charli when I see her, but it would be nice if there was a section of like, 2-3 older songs that she changed around every night. True Romance NEEDS justice!
  19. The thing that annoys me the most is that she probably feels like because she did multiple shows in LA, NYC, and London where she performed those songs then that means she's done them and can close the chapter on that. And it's like no girl, you have fans in other cities.
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  20. Weren't those shows like 200 capacity anyway ddd?
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