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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. matthew.

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  2. The meet and greets are twink-biased anyway, has anyone ever met a twink with a 9-5???
  3. Gay stan twitter is hilarious sometimes but honestly it's turning a lot of these fueggots' brains into absolute mince. A lot of them just can't differentiate between what's acceptable online and what might be acceptable in real life.

    There's a very uncomfortable power dynamic executed in a lot of these situations as well, and it brings up some not-very-pleasant conversations around entitlement and perceived ownership of pop girls.
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  4. RJF


    I mean, I just don't have many words. There's always a breed of gay who thinks that popstars are nothing but their plaything, but the problem is that Charli is at a level where she thinks she needs to appease them. Like, that awful hummusexual who leaked her material was bitching acidly at her on Twitter for not confirming meet and greets... only to have the nerve to beam next to her the next day as he got his meet and greet. She's a fucking person.
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  5. I'm ready for her to go the fuck off on her stans. These annoying twinks don't deserve her.
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  6. This is why M&Gs should be paid for.
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  7. These kids are willing to do anything for a millisecond of internet notoriety and it's embarrassing and disrespectful to Charli.
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  8. I’m fuckign emo nobody TALK to me
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  9. So so excited for Wednesday in Manchester!! Love the new album in its entirety so I think every song will go off for me, especially as not seen Charli since 2015. Will be doubling as my Halloween night out too for when the clock strikes twelve...
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  10. I'm high off my balls at le concert right now am I doing it right?
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  11. 2014

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    Twitter is a damn disease
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  12. Oh, so ya'll are gonna shame me when I ask her to sign my PnP meth pipe? I can't get away with NOTHING smh
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  14. Her stans are insufferable. However, I will say at her show I met some very nice people. Me and my friend remained unbothered because we were front 1st balcony and not in the shifting sands of madness that was the main floor beneath us.
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  15. scream
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  16. I was on the first balcony and the girl in front of me glared whenever I barely moved.
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  17. It's not even funny, it's borderline gross harassment?
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  18. Jesus Christ, I can’t wait for this tour to be over.
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  19. Do gays deserve rights? It's a question I ponder thanks to the XCX fanbase.
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  20. She needs to price out these sloppy stans next time. That is, if she ever does meet and greets again.
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