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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. All your shows getting cancelled while I regret having bought tickets instantly, for the most expensive date of the whole tour probably, and even bringing a friend along in about 2.5 weeks, while it will probably go through? TicketSwap has tickets going for about half the price already.

  2. I need some visuals with this hair
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  3. Just came back from an intimate concert with Charli. Only about 400 people. Such a shame. The star power she has. A lot better than Ariana last month. That's saying something!
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  5. Not sure if this is happening in Europe but you go in the morning and take a number? I have no idea. Maybe Twitter has tea?
  6. Any German shows attendees want to snatch me a 'I thought this song was big in Germany' shirt if they have it?
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  7. I saw someone asking earlier if Charli was doing meet and greets today, then getting a number around 2-3 pm so they might have been one of the last ones.
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  8. Slightly off topic, but:

    I am old.
  9. Fuck, that mixtape is how I ended up listening to Charli during my freshman year of high school. I fell in love with her dense sound, tumblr-ass aesthetic, and effortless coolness. I had heard “You’re the One” and “Nuclear Seasons,” and I thought to myself, “Holy shit she’s so talented.” I needed more of this sound I hadn’t listened to before. (Mind you, I was 13.)

    When I found out she had just dropped Super Ultra pretty recently, I listened to that mixtape with the quickness. To this day, “Glow,” “Heatwave,” and “Velvet Dreaming” remain among my Charli favorites.

    And that’s sincerely @superultra.
  11. I still have never listened to the early mixtapes.
  12. True Romance is made up of a majority of the tracks from the mixtapes, it's mostly just a few cute little extras but this;

    still slaps.
  13. Velvet Dreaming (LUV) is one of her absolute best songs.
  14. Even though she's just sensually crooning over that Art Of Noise instrumental, I've always loved Moments In Love. It was one my first obsessions back in the day, and I used to tack it onto True Romance as the opening track dd.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Never really liked Super Ultra. Heartbreaks & Earthquakes is where it's at.
  17. Even though most of Heartbreaks & Earthquakes ended up being on True Romance, "Dreams Money Can Buy" is still the shit.
  18. I went on my own to see her in Glasgow and it was a weirdly great experience. Never been to a gig solo before but you're right about it being really immersive. I think I may do it more in the future.
  19. Super Ultra's iconic trinity

    Heatwave, duh
    "Justin Bieber" outro of Dance 4 U
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