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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Agent Provocateur somehow being convinced to hire a niche pop artist whose fanbase is 99.5% gays who've barely even seen lingerie before let alone be in the market to ever buy any is an absolute hoot. Scam them, Charles.
  2. Kylie collaboration confirmed.

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  3. You clearly haven't been to a Charli show.
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  4. Hot!!
  5. “Need Ur Luv” (Japanese Wallpaper remix) for Christmas number one!

  6. The thing with XCXWorld is that she wasn't planning to release it. It isn't like Rebel Heart, it leaked after the album was dead in the water. And it's not even the final version, this is literally just stems added together by a fan.
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  7. Why are we still analysing this, she felt awkward at the moment, was reminded of being hacked, the end.
  8. She wasn't? I think they were in the early stages of planning but got sidetracked by the leaks and the tepid reception to After the Afterparty.
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  9. She must have been hungry cause she really ATE that Agent Provocateur ad.
  10. Charli Thee Show Pony served.
  11. I was not expecting a photo of an extremely fucked Charli partying with ALMA to be used as part of a montage projected across the whole stage during her Xtina support slot ddd
  12. The main XCXWorld leaks happened around August 2017, meaning they were right in the middle of the "Boys might be taking off because of its video but probably not" era. I'm not sure the version of the album that leaked was still set for release at that stage.
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  13. Wait... if, as Charli claimed back in the interview a few months ago, XCXWorld didn't have a title, tracklist, cover etc... how did she know she was being asked to sign the CD of XCXWorld???

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  14. She said they did a shoot for it, so I imagine she recognized that and it presumably had the title on whatever artwork they gave her as well
  15. This video made me straight.
  16. I saw a pregnancy video on Twitter earlier which did the opposite
  17. It's all about the balance, huh?
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