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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. I saw Charlé live for the first time since the Sucker era last night at one of her festival after parties. It was in a tiny venue that, unusually, had a stage in the middle of the room, so we had a show “in the round”. She basically prowled around like a boxing champion, had amazing energy and wasn’t afraid of a bit crowd interaction. It turned a bit raucous at the end when she invited people up on stage and everyone suddenly rushed at her from all directions.

    Nothing special about the set list, though it was crazy to think that only one of the songs - “I Love It” - would’ve been performed at the last show I saw. Before she did “Paradise” she talked about “going way back” for the “real ones”, and I thought...ok, sure, but if you’re really going to do that, could we hear a bit of “Grins” or “Take My Hand” perhaps?

    Anyway I had lots of fun and jumped up and down a lot and it felt like I vicariously inhaled a heap of poppers, a girls night out indeed!
  2. Did you go to the Laneway afterparty? I am so jealous.
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  3. I’m so jealous that she performed Paradise. Legit one of my favourite Charli songs
  4. I did! I missed out on tickets for the Pop 2 party she did at the Toff a while back so was relieved to be able to see her this time.
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  5. I love seeing my favs together!

  6. Give us the collab that we need, but probably don't deserve.
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  7. Let U Down is immense.
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  8. It really wouldn't have sounded out of place on the album.
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  9. Why is the Nintendo song still not on streaming?!
  10. Even Pop 2's outtakes are amazing.
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  11. It sounds like the long lost sister of "Backseat" and her remix of "Don't Delete the Kisses." For a demo, it's pretty stunning.
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  12. Pat


    Seems to be removed from the website already.
  13. It was gives me “Delicious” vibes as well! Love a cohesive Queen.
  15. Let You Down is brilliant.
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