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Charli XCX - Charli

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. I love the album cover (if I had to nitpick, it seems a little zoomed out, like there's a lot of space above her) and am perched for Gone.
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  2. I just realised he also did all of Christine's videos for Chris. Okay this is gonna be good. "5 Dollars" was legit one of my favourite videos from last year.
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  3. The album cover is dull as fuck whilst the single covers (particularly this one) are stunning. A close up of her face with the metal thread effect would have been more impactful.
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  4. Album cover is perfect, stunning, etc.
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  5. Her body and tiddies look snatched on the cover.

    Also Lotus IV produced All The Time as well. The writing/production credits of Gone, whew!
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  6. What time exactly is this coming?
  7. Video is 8pm UK time. Song premieres on Radio 1 half an hour before I believe.
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  8. The song is out there

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  9. I only just saw the snippet of Chris’ part on Charli’s story but it sounds fucking incredible. This is the moment the ‘Charli’ era truly begins!
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  10. Honestly this is her magnus opus. The lyrics are the best she’s ever written, the production slays, that outro left me bald, and her and Christine just work so well together. We don’t deserve either of them
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  11. The mixing of their vocals on the chorus is weird, but the pre-chorus...

    They left in the EXTENDED part after the bridge from Primavera
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  12. It's like she ratcheted up the drama and poignancy of Out of My Head. Truly incredible.
  13. I feel so unstable, fucking hate these people, how they making feel lately

  14. I can't wait to hear this!
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  15. This description makes it sound like potentially the best song ever.
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  16. The production is immaculate.

    After a couple listens, I like it a lot but don’t quite love it yet.
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  17. I can't wait to hear the outro in HQ. I'm in love with this already.
  18. I'm just going to wait and have a 2 for 1 special of the song and video together.
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  19. The
    *music pause* 'Wait - did they just talk?'
    moment gave me full on Lorde Melodrama and I love it.
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  20. That dance break... PHEW.

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