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Charli XCX - CRASH (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Did everyone manage to get tickets in the presale? It was comparatively a breeze compared to the HIFN nightmare, we're seeing her another 3 times at Primavera too, fully prepared to be crashed into teebs!
  2. I got mine!!!
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  3. Got mine, first time I’ll see Charli live!
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  4. Was this a personalised code for the presale or a generic one? If generic would someone mind sending a link my way please.
  5. The cultural impact

    Nn, not them tagging Dua and not Caroline
  6. Anyone know how the US presale is working? I didn’t get a code with my vinyl order.
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  7. I think it’s just via BandsInTown
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  8. After 2 attempts to try and see her before I'm finally seeing her with my sister (thanks @Mikal). Only noticed the venue is Ally Pally too, such an iconic venue.

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  9. I never got my Spotify code, does anyone have code for Spotify or any of them? Stressed to the max right now!
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  10. Well I just kept getting a ‘there are no tickets available’ notification for the LA presale, so that’s fun.
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  11. aux


    I might try to get tickets for London but I absolutely loathe Ally Pally.
  12. That’s weird! I literally just got two GA Pit tickets for LA using the code ‘ITSCHARLIBABY’ under Artists Presale. I wasn’t expecting any to be left, but there they were.
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  13. Me: “I’m not buying Charli tickets because I have a wedding the night before and I’ll almost definitely be hungover”
    Also me: “I got Charli tickets this morning let’s ride”
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  14. The vibe
  15. I was able to snag 1 Pit ticket using the Bandsintown presale a few hours later. Don’t know what was up with AXS this morning. Just glad that stress is alleviated.
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  16. New Shapes is holding up well for me. It has Warm vibes.
  17. Completely forgot tickets were going on sale today… it seems they changed the venue to something I’ve never even heard of in my city.
  18. Is there a presale for the EU (non-uk & ireland) too?
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  19. Not Benito....
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