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Charli XCX - CRASH (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Christine’s level of energy is giving me chills. She’s unstoppable.
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  2. I’m so envious of Charli’s ass.
  3. The video is great. Seeing Caroline in a Michelle Tanner ponytail took some getting used to!
  4. Both the song and video are a bit limp, like an intro or interlude that has gone on for way too long.
  5. That is SO FUN! Extremely gay rights.
  6. She actually did it I’m crying

  8. Chris could have washed her hair but who am I to judge
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  9. I love Charli to death and I think this album will be incredible, but New Shapes is such a nonevent. I don’t even think it will get to 5million Spotify listens. I don’t feel the urge to listen to it again at all. And the video is very very bad. It really looks like three friends doing a choreography for their uncles.
  10. I love the way the choreographer said "Queens, none of you need to be in sync or do these moves even remotely the same, just give it your own essence and the gays will lap it up" and that's exactly what they did. The lack of cohesion, and I honestly mean that in the most complimentary, endearing way possible. The video is a total toot, and it's like Gay Christmas seeing the three of them together. A supergroup album would be perfection, their voices and styles compliment each other so beautifully.
  11. Well it has 2.8m in one week and is adding ~250k a day so you may need a rethink fff
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  12. Bunny is a scene-stealer. Couldn't take my eyes off Caroline.
  13. Make it 10 then.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The video is amazing! Christine is a legend and seeing Caroline exude such BPG potential is quite something. Is the male host meant to be a pastiche on Graham Norton dd
  15. Amazing song and video.
  16. I am obsessed. Fantastic video. You know, it’s really fulfilling the girl group fantasy. If they wanna team up for an album and call themselves CXCXC I won’t be mad.
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  17. Honestly I just take back anything I've said about the song being "whatever" since I've spent the last 2 days just randomly going "All Night... all DAY. NEW SHAPES"
  18. Love the song but the New Shapes video is pretty boring.
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  19. RMK


    New Shapes isn't the type of song that holds you over til January.
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