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Charli XCX - CRASH (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Pitchfork re-scoring a Daft Punk album to a 10 seems like… catering to their audience.
  2. "Discovery" is and was always a 10, though. The less said about "Random Access Memories", the better.
  3. The way every album cover in her discography is a serve / complements one another.

    Look at the material.
  4. They deservedly lowered Random Access Memories though.
  5. I still can't wrap my heard around the fact that Joel Corry was in Geordie Shore. He rarely misses and knows how to make everything slap.
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  7. Okay but imagine if Charli landed a Janet collab
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  8. We need Janet to land a Janet collab first but yeah.
  9. Fallon performance of Good Ones is up:

  10. The Squid Games cast were being interviewed just before the performance so I hope that boosts the numbers.
  11. Are her TV performances always like... this? Yes the only other one I remember watching was Bounce.
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  12. Yes, she’s definitely not made for tv. (or those boring lives she was doing in the pandemic)
    She really shines when she is in the front of a crowd of gays. Go watch her set at Pitchfork if you never saw it, it’s amazing.
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  13. Yes, I have seen it, it's great! That manic energy really doesn't translate well to a polished studio performance ddd
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  14. Yeah the dancing is a little unhinged dd. The set looks really cool though and the song sounds great.
  15. She can do a good TV performance:

    She just... rarely moderates her energy for the medium, and she's not exactly the kind of vocalist who thrives in that setting ddd
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  16. Yeah, her usual manic festival mode does not translate to TV, but she's delivered great performances when she reigns it in.

    I kind of wish she did the choreo for Fallon.
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  17. That might be one of her best lives to date. Not that there’s much to accomplish with the song but she sounds good & her breath control is has improved tenfold.
  18. I'm very excited at the thought of another collab with Chris. Especially with Caroline as well. giveittomenow.mp4
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