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Charli XCX - CRASH (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Soft Cell would be iconic.
  2. The Go-Go's seem like a more natural fit, right? Belinda Carlisle is iconic too! I did find this quote though:
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  3. Tainted Luv is coming.
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  4. She would kill the bitter talky bits of Say Hello (Wave Goodbye)

    We're strangurrrs meeting
    Fur the 1st time
  5. This reply… I’m screaming.
  6. She is sick, I hope she doesn't cancel the rest of the tour...
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  7. Yeah I'm saddened, but I'm hoping she gets rest and nothing too bad is happening to her voice. I was supposed to see her tonight in Bruxelles but the show appears to be postponed according to Ticketmaster's page. Emails confirming this haven't been sent out yet but I suppose it's coming later this morning.

    edit: It has been cancelled.
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  8. Oh fuck. Everything is booked and payed for Berlin.
  9. Annoying that she was made to do that performance last night her tonsils looked pretty inflamed.
  10. Her tour curse strikes again :(
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  11. Poor Beneluxcx hunties!!!
  12. Damn, thats annoying as I was quite looking forward to it… Hopefully she reschedules to another Saturday, the date was perfect.
  13. So I guess all the shows in the next 6-7 days will be canceled/postponed then... We will see if she makes it to Primavera Weekend 1
  14. Both dates have been cancelled.
  15. So this is what I get for not buying the vinyl but getting a store promo poster for free! rip *:(*
    The one album I like most... Urgh!
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  16. That’s her pulled out of Radio 1’s Big Weekend too. Massive promo opportunity so she must really be feeling it.
  17. She had to keep her Cannes performance engagement and lipped her whole set because she was so sick. Hope she gets better soon and can perform these shows at a later date!

  18. I was really excited to see her Big Weekend set, ugh.

    If she’s put on vocal rest for a while, I’m feeling doubtful of my Pittsburgh date.
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