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Charli XCX - CRASH (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. I hope someone just recorded her live because she said absolutely nothing & covered in fake blood in a car. The performance art levels this era!!
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  2. Charli just hopped on Instagram Live only to remain silent and give the camera a wicked grin for a minute straight—all while fake blood stained her face. She in her edgelord era!
  3. Screaming at her going live with “blood” dripping down her scalp, just staring at the camera and not saying a word and just logging off. She’s living the full fantasy.
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  4. The disaffected/slightly unsettling monotone she's been using for promotional videos this era is hilarious, and I'm fully expecting it to only ramp up in weird from here
  5. I did!
  6. This is amazing and wildly uncomfortable and I hate it but I also want more. David Lynch-directed music video when
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  7. The worst is there was a good 15-20 seconds of the same thing before I started recording ddd
  8. Oh christ a MINUTE of that? She's awful and a genius
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  9. Something told me to check her live as soon as I got the notification, and she did not disappoint. One second, she’s the Spirit Halloween, and—suddenly—the Spirit Halloween is she.
  10. She's always been a master at a good Grinch smile but with this era she's really selling it
  11. I love how she's taking the gag even further after some Tik Tok stans called this era's selling out concept "a really bad and dangerous joke". Dig your heels in, sis!
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  12. The "blood" is so clearly and obviously fake and she's been practically telegraphing her intentions with this era's visuals from the Skydome for several months now, so at this moment the handwringing is a bit much nn. Does her fanbase even skew that young at this point to be fooled by something like that?
  13. No but the TikTok gurls are!
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  14. Hear me out, Good Girls would be a fantastic addition to the setlist this era.
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  15. I stan Charti XCX.
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  16. Manifesting a Carrie-themed music video.
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  17. That FROOT looks familiar!

  18. That monotone!! Stanislavsxcx!!!
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  19. Her best song.
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