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Charli XCX - CRASH (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. She’s very prolific and also does some great songwriting for others. Señorita, Same Old Love and many others hits came from her hand. She’s also great at networking with the collabs.

    She’s also well enough known to keep some festivals under her belt and keeps a nice haunting fanbase. She had a lot of trouble before Charli. (Third LP) but things look better now.
  2. This is looking at week one streams of about 6.5m based on daily Spotify updates which is honestly fantastic. I don't think anyone even at the label would've expected that. It's barely lost any streams day to day across the week, which is usually the sign of a hit in the making.
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  3. Fancy and Boom Clap were worldwide hits*, I think those are enough to secure a place on a major laber, especially because Charli is not the type of artist who needs a huge amount of money for promo, videos etc.

    *Actual worldwide hits, not the kind of song with moderate success we call a hit around here ddd**

    **yeah that was a bit shady
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  4. She makes back the money they invest in her projects basically. Her main asset is songwriting (for BTS, others), booking all the good festivals and having a small but decimated fanbase. She also writes her own stuff so the label doesn't waste money on camps or A&R.
  5. Also, and I may be wrong, doesn’t she have a 360 deal or something of that kind? I could’ve sworn I read that her label receive a portion of her ticket sales/booking fee for festivals.
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  6. Isn't that just what the deranged Ava fan who hates Charli claimed on another forrem?
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  7. Ddddddd. Apparently not hun!
  8. Pretty sure Vas meant dedicated but screaming at the implications ddd
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  9. Scream.
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  10. I always let the decimated ones go
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  11. Based on the concert stories we've heard in recent years, "decimated" might be accurate actually. a different, more intimate way
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  12. My first thought was “Damn the Sucker era was rough but not that rough!”
  13. There's also the fact that many of the big producers/collabs came mostly from her own networking. I doubt Atlantic would go out of their way to get SOPHIE to produce for one of their artists, but with Charli they didn't need to bat an eyelash. The woman is her own A&R team. She literally locked herself in a hotel room with A. G. Cook and came out of there with an album 24 hours later.

    Another thing (and this is mostly speculative on my part) is that with the music industry changing drastically in the last decade, she and her label probably met halfway during the mixtapes era - I don't think they were too hopeful of a huge hit from her post-Sucker, but they started becoming aware that pop music is becoming increasingly more niche and Charli's niche has always been very... sturdy. Yet another factor at play is that Atlantic probably never spent too much money on her campaigns, knowing how hands-on she is with most of the promo stuff dddd
  14. Good Ones seems to have jumped up a little. Yas.
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  15. This (somewhat) extended mix is really good.

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    I'd like to think Charli's living for it
  18. This is huge, hope its a big hit for her!!
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