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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Phew, this first post is art!
  2. Whatever she releases is gonna be great. Her discography is mostly flawless with a little blemish here and there
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  3. I'm perched to see how she merges all of these influences - she clearly has the range
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  4. If she's going for a True Romance vibe then I'd love another collab with Sky Ferreira. They both completely owned that era for me, and really made an impact on me when I was discovering my own taste in music.
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  5. It’s honestly a miracle we even got one. With Sky’s track record I would sooner expect Cross You Out to Mandela Effect itself out of existence than see a sequel collab.
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  6. After how I'm feeling now I kind of trust her instincts 100%. What could have been a real mess that served too many masters ended up being a real creative triumph and a showcase of her own judgment in knowing what fans want and what she wants to give them. Though I think both how I'm feeling now and the mixtapes benefitted from fast-paced recording schedules and Charli and AG mostly left to their own devices, so it'll be interesting to see if she can manage the inverse of that, without over-thinking things and compromising her own vision too much. The idea of her "going mainstream" and "selling out" has been something she clearly has toyed with ever since Sucker, but I get the sense that she has a much better grasp of who she is as an artist now and what she can offer in a mainstream setting too. It really would be great if she were able to make an album that actually felt like her "future and past coming full circle".
  7. We'll always have this:
  8. After How I'm Feeling Now turned out, I'm not going to doubt Charli.
  9. You for Me, a song originally thought to be for this album but is instead being released by Rita Ora, has leaked
  10. It BANGS hard.
  11. It's really great, if very much feels like 'slightly-more-mainstream Pop 2' and I'm here for the spacey fantasy.
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  12. A second version of You for Me has leaked with different production. It sounds a bit more chart-friendly.
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  13. Ok but where is her own chart-friendly new single? Feed us, Ms XCX.
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  14. Wow, the second demo. She's not playing around this time around.
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  15. Apparently it's produced by Sigala and it will be a collaboration between him and Rita.
  16. Ok, but this second demo is incredible? An earworm and a half!
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  17. Oo. You For Me is cute. I like both versions for different reasons. The 2nd version pops off like crazy though.
  18. Oh this is very good. Imaging Rita's vocals on this as a final product will be huge
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  19. Wow I just read about You For Me this morning and already two demos leaked. No time wasted.
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