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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. The maniacal giggle after each snippet, I live!

    This all sounds fantastic.
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  2. I was slightly underwhelmed with New Shapes on first listen, but playing it on my drive home really struck a cord and I love it now. All three women sound amazing on their verses and the “Whatchu want?…I ain’t got it.” is lodged in my head.
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  3. Jesus, judging from these snippets this could easily end up being my favorite album from her. It sounds so fresh and cohesive. How the fuck are we supposed to wait until March...
  4. Also Sweat didn’t make the record but is supposedly due for a standalone release anyway.
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  5. 2,000 capacity venues in big cities isn't that big of a flex though is it. For comparison's sake, Tove Lo is a bigger touring act than her.
  6. Amid all this a POP2 outtake leaked too?? 'Pull Up feat. ALMA'
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  7. Charli
    Whatchu want?
    Whatchu want?
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  8. And nothing of value was lost!
  9. I'm so smitten with the New Shapes chorus. The way she lets the synths do the heavy lifting while her topline just punctuates the brief moments of silence *chef's kiss*
  10. New Shapes isn’t my favorite, but I love a good onslaught of details when the girls announce a new era. Now about that release date…
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  11. So this is me purely speculating based on conjecture and what we know from insiders etc, but the order Charli listed the producers/artists in might be the order they appear on the album:

    We know AG Cook and George Daniel collaborated on a track (the snippet with the guitar solo), New Shapes and Good Ones are tracks 2 and 3, so that could mean the tracklist looks like this:
    Track 1 - AG Cook/George Daniel - 2:10
    New Shapes (feat Caroline and Chris) - Lotus IV/Deaton Chris Anthony - 3:20
    Good Ones - Oscar Holter - 2:16
    Track 4 (feat Rina) - Digital Farm Animals - 3:09
    Track 5 - Ian Kirkpatrik - 2:48
    Move Me - Jason Evigan - 2:27
    Track 7 - Justin/Jeremiah Raisen - 2:40
    Track 8 - Ariel Rechtshaid - 3:57
    Track 9 - Ilya - 3:02
    Yuck - Oneohtrix Point Never/AG Cook - 2:18
    Lavender - Mike Wise - 2:28
    Don't Think Twice - Jon Shave - 3:14

    Obviously some of the producers are probably involved in several songs (AG namely) but I thought it was interesting how it lined up. It would also make the Ariel song the longest on the album, which would be pure Popjustice to these ears.
    Anyway back to our regularly scheduled programming
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  12. The way I should know better than to click play on an XCX snippet, and yet…
  13. From the (fantastical) snippets the album sounds fully done, so WHY TF IS SHE RELEASING THIS IN MARCH???
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  14. Long lead time for the vinyl?
  15. Fuck, every snippet sounds so good. Making it to March next year is going to be absolute torture!
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  16. Ariel and Rina's tracks sound...potentially incredible. Whew!

    Bye Pumpkin! Bye Pumpkin!
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  17. All of the snippets sound god tier, my hyperbolic brain is already kicking in and this fully sounds like her best record yet??
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  18. The way the Ariel Reichstad production is making me both nostalgic and emotional….
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  19. New Shapes is so dated. I would've eaten it up in 2016.
  20. The absolute RUSH I got from those snippets. This is why I love pop, you guys.
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