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Charli XCX - CRASH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Heartthrob, May 23, 2021.

  1. Well-timed!
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  2. New Shapes was one of the 10 best songs from the last year. Folks are truly losing it.
  3. Right? Some of y'all just be saying anything.

  4. Cry For You is apparently the song it samples.
  5. RMK


    New Shapes really wasn't it. I feel seen by this thread, thank you.
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  6. We left those kind of opinions on Page 126, thank you.
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  7. Iconic sample. Robin S and September on one album? That's talent recognizing talent!
  8. Imagine hating "New Shapes" so much that you start lying and making shit up. Can't relate!
  9. This sounds so good. There seems to be a video shot for this already?
  10. The cover!
  11. Longer snippet.


  12. More clips of the cover/video shoot?!
  13. The September sample I'm going to faint.
  14. I mean, that 45 seconds is already better than N*w Sh*p* so bring it on!
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  15. I'm wondering if it's not a touch basic (that instrumental post-chorus part sounds flat?) but trying not to judge from a snippet. Maybe it goes off later.
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  16. The light sapphic to “Gone” being the dark sapphic. Love it.
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  17. Agreed, the drop sounds.. demo-y. Hopefully it'll slap in better quality.
  18. She really did what she had to do with this Cry For You sample
  19. That's.... the best vocal she's ever given. Oh my GOD.
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